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Visit also the Consortium‚Äôs page on “Solidarity with the Defenders of the Commons and ICCAs



March 2017: Finland and Norway РThreats to Saami traditional fishing rights

The states of Finland and Norway are trying to make the livelihood of indigenous Saami salmon fishers illegal in Deatnu (Teno/Tana), the biggest Atlantic salmon river in Europe. The proposed new legislation would take away the majority of traditional Saami fishing rights, making it impossible for them to continue their traditional livelihood in all its diversity. Read more…


March 2016 : Honduras – Against the construction of the Agua Zarca Dam

In recent days we have heard about the cowardly murder of Berta Caceres, an indigenous leader of Honduras who led several campaigns of opposition against mining, deforestation, violation of human rights and, especially, against the construction of the Agua Zarca Dam in the territory of the Lenca people. Read more…


February 2016: Nigeria – Ekuri Initiative to prevent the destruction of their community forest to develop a dubiously useful ‚Äúsuper-highway‚ÄĚ!

A so called ‚Äúsuper-highway‚ÄĚ is expected to be built across the Ekuri community forest in Cross River State‚ÄĒ one of Nigeria‚Äôs last and most precious surviving rainforests. The ICCA Consortium has just written (February 29, 2016) to top national authorities in Nigeria to express its serious concerns. Read more…


January 2016: Tanzania ‚Äď change of President prompts the ICCA Consortium to write again concerning the situation in Uvinje

Following the recent election of President John Pombe Magufuli in Tanzania, the Consortium has written again concerning the proposed eviction of residents in Uvinje village.  Read more…

Uvinje 8

April 2015: The Philippines – Don’t blame indigenous peoples’ farming practice for deforestation but mining and mono-crops plantations

CALG and NATRIPAL are raising an alert on how indigenous farming systems are demonized and forbidden through restrictive legislation while mining and cash-crop plantations are allowed to expand at the expenses of precious environments and traditional communities. Read more…

Mars 2015: Chile РIncendio devastador amenazando el territorio de las comunidades de Quinquén y de Icalma 

El Consorcio TICCA env√≠√≥ una carte abierta a las autoridades Chilenas en solidaridad con las comunidades de Quinqu√©n y de Icalma frente al incendio devastador de su Territorio Conservado. Leer mas…


Mars 2015: Honduras – Law on fisheries and aquaculture threatening traditional fishing practices.

The ICCA Consortium has written a letter to the President of the Honduras National Congress and the President of the Republic in order to recommend to them to take into account most vulnerable groups, strengthen the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in marine and coastal territories,¬† and follow the Voluntary Guidelines on Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries produce by the FAO. Read more here…

fishermen honduras

February 2015: Tanzania – Concern over community evictions and disrespect for human rights pitted against conservation.

For the second time, the ICCA Consortium is alerting its members on events in Loliondo, Tanzania, where more than 100 homesteads were recently destroyed.
Please click on this link to follow the case, and see several telling pictures…
or check out directly our press release here.

maasai bomas burned pic 5

February 2015 –¬†Consortium joins a global call for European Parliament to halt the devastating impacts of EU biofuels policy

Read the open letter here…


2014-2015:  Tanzania РNO eviction of Uvinje villagers, respect communities sensitive to conservation!

Consortium appeal to the Tanzania authorities regarding the threatened eviction of the Uvinje villagers from their ancestrally owned coastal land adjacent to the Saadani National Park, in violation of international human rights obligations and in contradiction with CBD decisions, IUCN Resolutions and Tanzania‚Äôs own land tenure and natural resource policies that protect village land rights. Read more…

Uvinje 8

November 2014: The Philippines – Halt oil palm rush in Palawan “Man & Biosphere reserve”

¬†The proposal to convert 8 million hectares of Philippine soil into oil palm plantations has made headlines across the country. Palawan, also known as the Philippine‚Äôs ‚ÄėLast Frontier‚Äô, is witnessing one of the highest rates of conversion of land into oil palm estates. As agro-business firms push through into the last ecological frontier of the Philippines, indigenous peoples and farmers are trying to halt them in various ways. Read more‚Ķ
(!) This alert is the development of our previous Alert in Palawan (see below)

Brooke?s Point, Province of Palawan, Philippines

November 2014: Finland – Havukkavaara Forest Under Threat

Our member Snowchange was raising an alert regarding the threat of a potential clear cuts in the last boreal forests on the lot ‚ÄúOstola‚ÄĚ of Havukkavaara, village of Selkie, North Karelia, Finland by the state enterprise Mets√§hallitus. Read more…

Read here the letter of concern sent by the ICCA Consortium

New! Positive resolution on this alert: on 24-03-15, Mets√§hallitus and Snowchange Cooperative reached a solution regarding the Ostola lot. Mets√§hallitus will conserve 18,3 hectares of old-growth boreal forest and surrounding areas, parts of which have been logged, as a buffer zone. This will allow the old-growth forest to regenerate as part of a new protected area. Mets√§hallitus will demarcate the 18,3 hectares as a part of their ecological zone to be spared from all forestry activities. All hunting rights are preserved until early 2017. Towards 2017 the forest will be designated as a strict IUCN ‚Äďcategory preserve.¬†This may become the first ‚Äúformally agreed‚ÄĚ ICCA in Finland!


March 2013: Tanzania – Decision Over Maasai Community Land is Not Pro-Conservation

An international consortium of local communities, indigenous peoples and NGOs express concern to the Tanzanian Government that the proposed Loliondo Game Controlled Area (GCA) will threaten both conservation and local livelihood interests.¬†Read more…

loliondo masai men sitting

August 2013: The Philippines – Stop indiscriminate oil palm expansion on indigenous peoples’ land in Palawan

Stop oil palm expansion on Palawan’s UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. According to the Provincial government, oil palm monocultures will eradicate poverty and reduce economic dependence from imported edible oils. But, from the perspective of the local indigenous people, oil palm expansion is a tragedy since it destroys their ancestral lands and forest products, thus impoverishing them to an unprecedented level.

¬†Read the letter from the ICCA Consortium to the Governor of Palawan (click here). Read more…


Paraguay – Stop deforestation affecting the Ayoreo People living in voluntary isolation.

Learn more about how the Ayoreo people living in voluntary isolation are trying to protect their Ayoreo ICCA. Today the Ayoreo are being increasinlgy forced to leave their ancestral territories (ICCAs). Currently their territory – particularly within the Paraguayan region – is being deforested at an alarming rate in order to clear land for cattle ranching and other commercial agriculture and vegetable oil production.¬†Read more…

ayoreo woman music

November 2012: The Philippines –¬† Concern and outrage regarding a massacre in Mindanao

A letter to President Aquino of profound concern and outrage regarding the massacre of a B’laan mother and her children by members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’s 27th Infantry Battalion under the command of Colonel Alexis Bravo. Read more…


September 2012:  Italy РConcern regarding the fate of the Fortino

International concern regarding the fate of the Fortino (International Centre for Nature Conservation and Community Involvement for the Protection of Migratory Birds), Calabria, Italy. Read more…

italy fortino picture

Mai 2011: Brazil – Scrap the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam !

A letter to Dilma Vana Rousseff, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, was sent on May 10, 2011.

This letter, written on behalf of the ICCA Consortium, concerns the construction of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam Complex in the Amazonian State of Para and highlights the Brazilian government’s reaction to withdraw its candidate for commissioner in 2012, along with threatening to pull funding from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR.) Read more…

brazil bele monte dam

February 2011: Fiji – Concern about new fisheries legislation

A letter was written on behalf of both the ICCA Consortium and CEESP (Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature) to urge the Fiji fisheries department ‚Äď when drafting the new fisheries legislation ‚Äď to include specific provisions for the recognition and legal empowerment for community institutions governing and managing their ICCAs/LMMS. Read more…

fiji dilma alert

2011 : India – Stop SIPCOT

SIPCOT (the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu, India) handing over 1127 acres of commons land to the French tyre company Michelin to construct an Industrial Complex against the will of the local communities. To find out more about this ICCA Alert and how you can take action, read more