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Grassroots Discussions
In 2008, members of the ICCA Consortium, TGER and TILCEPA facilitated and carried out a series of grassroots-level ICCA discussions accross the world, seeking to refine the understanding of the values, benefits and appropriate forms of recognition of ICCAs.  The initiaitve was carried out with the support of GTZ.On this page you will find the reports from the individual sites that were involved in the initiative. The lessons learned from these grassroots discussions are synthesized in CEESP Briefing Note no. 9 on Recognizing and Supporting Indigenous and Community Conservation.

CEESP Briefing Note no. 9: Recognising and supporting indigenous & community conservation – ideas and experiences from the grassroots



Algérie: Commune de Oued Morra (French)

Australia: Paruku Indigenous Protected Area

bolivia grassroots

Bolivia: Territorio Indígena Parque Nacional Isiboro Sécure (Spanish)



Bolivia: Pilon Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Indigenous Territory
Bolivia: Leco Larecaja y Pilon Layas: casos locales y perspectiva nacional para las Areas de Conservation Comunitarias en Bolivia (Spanish with executive summary in English)
Colombia: Umu-Kaya Yepa, Territorio de la Asociacion de Autoridades Tradicionales Indígenas de la Zona de Yapú(Spanish)
Ecuador: Territorios A’I Cofan, Siekóya Pai, Siona, Shuar y Kichwa, Zona Baja de la Reserva de Producción Faunística Cuyabeno
India: Jardhargaon, Uttarakhan
India: Mendha-Lekha Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
Indonesia: Sumberklampok, Bali
iran flowers grassroots
Iran: Bakhtiari Territory, Zagross Mountains
 iran grassroots discussion
Madagascar: Three ICCAs in the South Western dry forests of Madagascar (French)
Nepal: The Chepangs’ hill tracts territory in Central Nepal
khumbu grassroots
Nepal: Khumbu Sacred Valley, Sagarmatha (Chomolungma/Mt. Everest)
Philippines: Chananaw, Kalinga
Philippines: Igmale’ng’en sacred forests of Portulin, Mindanao
Philippines: “Kabatakan”, Ancestral Territory of the Tanabag Batak, Palawan
Solomon Islands: Tarevalata ‘Kastom’ Conserved Area, Chivoko, Lauru Island
United Kingdom: Community Orchards Frieze Hill and New Ash Green Woodlands
Vietnam: Van Long Nature Reserve