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¬†SAFE ‚Äď a ‚ÄúSolidarity Action and Fund‚ÄĚ

for the Defenders of the Commons and ICCAs

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Indigenous peoples and custodian communities are on the frontline in the struggle to preserve, protect, restore and defend their ‚Äúnatural commons‚ÄĚ and, in particular, the territories and areas they collectively conserve (ICCAs) generally on the basis of their traditional knowledge and customary practices, law and institutions.¬†

Throughout the world, the natural commons and ICCAs are at enormous risk from extractive industries, infrastructure development, monocultures, poaching, commercial overfishing, land and water grabbing, wars and armed conflicts, imposed cultural change, and the privatisation and monetisation of natural resources in general.  These are some of the most powerful forces at play in the world today and the price of resisting them to conserve nature, cultural diversity and traditional lifestyles can be exceedingly high in terms of intimidation, violent abuse and injury… and unfortunately even death. 

The Consortium has been calling attention to this plight, has commissioned preliminary research about it (please see here the reports of consultancies with a focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America) and is currently working to establish a Solidarity Action and Fund for the Defenders of the Commons and ICCAs (abbreviated as SAFE). SAFE is being designed to carry out emergency and non-emergency activities to prevent and/or offer relief to acts of victimisation of the defenders and to secure to justice the perpetrators.

To organise for the established of the SAFE Initiative, several meetings were held in Switzerland in 2015 and 2016 and discussions have been going on with possible institutional partners in view of a solid agreement for action.  Funding for the initiative is still to be found, although a number of promising discussions were held with concerned donors in 2015. 



Berta Caceres 2015 Goldman Environmental Award Recipient

Please visit the Honduras Accompaniment Project – A powerful web site providing in depth information on the on-going FLOOD of murders and human rights violations in Honduras.



A document that summarises the current discussion is available here.

The minutes of the main SAFE exploratory event (November 2015) are available here.

Please consult the three studies commissioned by the Consortium in 2015 to report on the victimisation of the defenders of the commons and ICCAs in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Here is a press release the Consortium produced in July 2015.

To read also : On Dangerous Ground ‚Äď Global Witness report on killings of environmental and land activists on 2015

All¬†CALG Bulletins and Alerts : ¬†“Defending Commons’ Land and ICCAs”:

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Some of the Consortium members and partners who so far have adhered to the initiative and/or offered support include:

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