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Historical and cultural roots of ICCAs      


The Consortium believes that awareness and respect of local ecological and socio-cultural history must integrate any attempt at providing proper recognition and support to ICCAs, including work to improve relevant policies and legislation.  In this light, the Consortium is developing a number of studies to shed light on the historical and cultural roots of ICCAs.

Histoire, culture et une approche nationale stratégique pour le soutien aux APAC à Madagascar

A report from 2011 that was actually used to promote a national strategic approach to ICCAs in Madagascar. 


Analysis on ICCAs in the Region of Xinjiang (CHINA)           

Please find the summary report in English here

Please find the report in Chinese here

Tuva 6 (photographed by Yuxin Hou)

Study still in progress, waiting for constructive comments:

Territorios y áreas conservadas por pueblos indígenas y comunidades locales (TICCA): raíces y evolución histórica, amenazas y oportunidades actuales y posible estrategia de reconocimiento y fortalecimiento en Mesoamérica


Resumen de pol√≠tica n¬į3 del Consorcio:
Reconocer y apoyar a los TICCA en Mesoam√©rica -¬ŅPor qu√© y c√≥mo?



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