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The ICCA Consortium newsletter


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Issue # 12 : September 2016

This 12th edition of the ICCA Consortium Newsletter contains a rich mix of reports and new documents. You will find powerful stories about indigenous peoples in Tasmania, the ground-up establishment of Baram Peace Park in Malaysia, the approval of the national ICCA peer-review process at the General Assembly of Iniciativa Comunales in Spain, experience-sharing in Canada and information about the IUCN World Conservation Congress just completed in Hawaii…¬†¬† The ICCA Consortium reports about knowledge exchange and mutual learning in Mesoamerica, the first national ICCA meeting in Myanmar, the launch of the ICCA Support Initiative in Colombia, a critical analysis of oil palm expansion worldwide, the just launched Policy Brief on ICCAs in Mesoamerica (the first in Spanish)… and so much more.¬†¬† We hope the Newsletter will offer you plenty of inspiring ideas!¬† You can download it here!



Issue # 11: February 2016

In this issue you will find out about critical reactions to the Paris climate deal and recent ICCA events in the Andean-Amazonian region, about the complex folds of defining ‚Äúconserved areas‚ÄĚ and youth initiatives in Guatemala, about struggles for forest conservation in Namibia and the new Taiwanese President‚Äôs friendly approach to indigenous peoples, about adgals in Morocco and ICCA mapping in Indonesia, about solidarity with the defenders of the commons and ICCAs and mixing poetry and action on the Brazilian Pantanal and‚Ķ much more! ¬†A country has also just officially recognised (executive decree of 26.02.2016!) four governance types for protected areas, including ICCAs‚Ķ.¬† Which country?¬† Read and you will find out!



Issue #10: August 2015

Here is a very good opportunity to learn about the ICCA Global Support Initiative that started in 2015. As you know, the ICCA Consortium is a key actor in this global initiative, and you will find out about the meetings we organized in Ecuador and Zambia and the first ICCA regional event in Indonesia‚ÄĒ all moments of great energy and shared commitment among our members and partners! You will also learn about the Canadian Wet‚Äô Suwet‚Äôen resistance, the impacts on ICCAs of the terrible earthquake that ravaged Nepal the last April, the new Consortium Policy Brief on Collective Land Tenure and Community Conservation, the ‚ÄúLittle Sydney‚ÄĚ meeting that was held in Europe, the role of local cocoa culture to strengthen the economy of indigenous communities in Colombia and‚Ķ more, much more!Read it here



Issue # 9: February 2015

It is now time to take stock on the outcomes of the World Parks Congress of Sydney 2014… you will find in this issue some reflections and a link to our own Participants‚Äô Report. You will also find out about the Inception Meeting of the Global ICCA Support Initiative, exciting photostories from various continents, information on the birth of the ‚ÄúTaiwan, Province of China, Indigenous Conserved Territories Union‚ÄĚ, the launch of a study on ICCA impacts of European Policies, action on ‚Äúinvisible‚ÄĚ conservation in Mexico‚Ķ and much more! The bulletin is packed‚Ķ but with plenty of inspiring and sharp news! Read more



Issue #8: October 2014

While the World Park Congress, Sydney 2014 is approaching, many projects are evolving around the world among the ICCA Consortium’s members and honorary members. During the past months the Consortium received encouraging support from the CBD at the last COP 12. Several events testify about the continuity of initiatives that began months ago: in Madrid (Spain) many organisations gathered to sign the Declaration of Valdeavellano de Tera on the recognition of the commons and community conserved areas; in Kinshasa (RDC), a major workshop was held towards the legal recognition of ICCAs; an informative photostory made by the Pungmo Community of Nepal is now available online. The Newsletter is also mentioning new initiatives… even a possible twinning of ICCAs from Europe and Africa. Several crucial publications have been launched during the past months and are announced here.¬† Just have a look!

foto ria_oevering  

Issue # 7: June 2014

This issue starts with the announcement of a thrilling event to be held the next November in Australia just before the World Parks Congress. You will also read about our Members consolidating their strength at national and regional level : the North American ICCA Consortium is being launched, the ICCAs of Guatemala are working toward the creation of a national Consortium, in Senegal the ICCA Kawawana is taking stock of achievements, in Iran a national knowledge sharing workshop gathered representatives of Indigenous Nomadic Tribes coming from the entire country… We are also welcoming 8 new Members and 21 Honorary Members but also a new Coordinator for marine and coastal issues who will allow us to reinforce our work on this subject…



Issue #6: January 2014

Quite a wide array of exciting news in this issue! To start with, an interesting reflexion on the Consortium’s structure & functioning and how much it has enabled us to achieve all together – the future is bright in this new year’s beginning! To proceed with, an extensive account of the Consortium’s 6th General Assembly in Spain, as well as reporting from WILD10 and CBD WG8(J) & SBSTTA. At the regional level, Africa is well and alive with no less than 8 articles about various events and initiatives! We also receive some news from North America (Tofino workshop), Asia (1st Asian Parks Congress, an ICCA workshop in China, a beautiful Photo story from Cambodia, ICCAs & Forest Rights in Indonesia, typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, ICCA restoration in Iran) and Latin America (challenges in Colombia). Finally, we learn about new releases and welcome new Members, Honorary members and staff. Enjoy your reading!



Issue #5: September 2013

Protected area governance is addressed in this issue, through the release of a key publication the Consortium has been
contributing to and the involvement of the Consortium in preparing a Stream for the next World Parks Congress.
The soon-to-come General Assembly of the Consortium is also mentioned, with various documents that will be
discussed there. We are getting some news from Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Iran,
The Philippines, Europe, and Nicaragua. A report about the important Latin America ICCA congress is also provided.
Our new regional coordinator for North America is offering us an article on reciprocity, natural economy and
bio-cultural diversity. And more! much more!


Issue #4: May 2013

Great news on the role of the Consortium at the 2014 World Parks Congress; the first regional meeting on ICCAs in Mesoamerica; the first national ICCA Consortium takes off in the Philippines; ICCA issues and initiatives in Asia, Africa, Europe, topical articles and calls to action in various languages, announcements about staff, Members and Honorary members, new books and conferences and much more!

 newsletter 4 cover image

Issue #3: February 2013

Consortium news on the CBD COP 11, the first national meeting on ICCAs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a thoughtful challenge to conservation biologists, an ICCA Youth Network, growing ICCA recognition in Iran and much more!


newsletter 3 image

Issue #2: September 2012

The Consortium at Rio+20, the Philippines Manila Declaration, Biocultural Community Protocols Toolkit (Natural Justice), ‘Pandora’s Box’ report (Gaia Foundation UK), ‘Bioeconomy versus Biodiversity’ (Global Forest Coalition), and much more!


Issue #1: February 2012

Kuna Yala communities in Panama, traditional fishermen communities in West Africa, indigenous Pastoralists in the Sahel, the forming of an ICCA Federation in Nepal, ICCAs in Indonesia, and much more!