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2015 Annual Report!

The ICCA Consortium  

Mission and structure

The ICCA Consortium is an international association dedicated to promoting the appropriate recognition of and support to ICCAs (territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities) in the regional, national and global arena. It is comprised of Members (Indigenous People Organisations (IPOs) and Community-based Organisations (CBOs) and civil society organisations working with IPs/LCs) and Honorary members (individuals with relevant concerns and expertise relating to ICCAs). As a global institution, the Consortium collaborates with the CBD Secretariat, GEF SGP, UNEP WCMC, IUCN, research and advocacy organisations, and UN mechanisms promoting human and IP and LC rights.

Brief history

Responding to mounting interest and concerns about ICCAs, several mutually-respected NGOs and organisations representing indigenous and community constituencies (now Consortium Members) established the ‚ÄėICCA Consortium‚Äô at a gathering during the 4th World Conservation Congress in Barcelona (Spain) in October 2008.¬†These Members agreed on a broad programme of action which provided initial support and stimulus for working towards common ICCA goals. It was during this gathering that the¬†ICCA Registry¬†was also born: an on-line, internationally recognised ICCA database!¬†Since Barcelona, physical meetings among Consortium Members and Honorary members have taken place during international gatherings and policy events, including meetings of the CBD Parties and UN gatherings (e.g., UNPFII and EMRIP) (details of which are available here).

In July 2010, on the occasion of the third meeting of EMRIP at the UN premises in Geneva (Switzerland), the Consortium founding General Assembly (GA) took place, allowing the Consortium to exist as a legal association under Swiss Law. The Statutes of the Consortium and the minutes of all its General Assemblies that took place since the founding GA are available below, within the “Life of the Consortium” section.

In October 2010 an ICCA-dedicated workshop took place in Shirakawa-Go, Japan, providing an occasion for the Consortium to develop its Vision 2020 and work programme 2011-2014: available in (English), (Spanish) and (French).

Until August 2011, partial funding and volunteer engagements had supported the Consortium’s programme of action in various regions and for some global activities, but financial support to the overall programme remained insignificant. In July 2011, however, the Consortium was awarded two grants from The Christensen Fund and UNDP-EEG,  enabling it to pursue its Vision and work programme.

Find out more via the ICCA Consortium leaflet
(also available in Spanish, French and Portuguese)



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Life of the ICCA Consortium 


Legal and procedural documents

In July 2010, the ICCA Consortium acquired legal personality as non-profit association under the Swiss Civil Code. The¬†Statutes of the Consortium¬†were first signed in the founding General Assembly and slightly revised several times. The¬†current Statutes – signed into operation in¬†Cambridge (UK) on March 25th, 2015 — are available here in¬†three languages:¬†(English), (Francais) (Espa√Īol).

A document detailing the Operational Guidelines of the Consortium has been used informally for a number of years.  In 2016 a new and more complete document has been prepared.  Please find it here in English and French. This final version is expected to be approved during the Xth General Assembly of the Consortium in December 2016. 


Vision, strategy and plans

In October 2010 an ICCA-dedicated workshop took place in Shirakawa-Go, Japan, and  provided an occasion for the Consortium to develop its main Vision 2020 and work programme 2011-2014. This document is available here in three languages: (English); (Spanish) and (French).

Please find also here the Strategy of the ICCA Consortium ‚Äď in English, Spanish and French ‚Äď this document provides a concise account of what the Consortium is about, where it comes from and where it wishes to have an impact. You will also find here ‚Äď in English, Spanish and French¬†‚Äď a graphic broad outline of the Consortium‚Äôs work plan for 2016-2017.

General Assembly (GA) minutes 

Nineth GA, 5th and 6th December , 2015, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador : (Minutes and information in several languages here)

Eighth Extraordinary GA, March 25th, 2015, Cambridge, United Kingdom: (Minutes in English, Rapport en Français)

Seventh GA, 9th and 16th November 2014, Leura, Blue Mountains, Australia: (Minutes in English)

Sixth GA, 06 October 2013, Valdeavellano de Tera, Soria province, Spain, (English).

Fifth GA, 21¬†October 2012,¬†Pastapur, Andhra Pradesh, India, (English), (Espa√Īol), (Francais).

Fourth GA, 12 October, 2011, Bogor, Indonesia, (English), (Espanol), (Francais)

Third Extraordinary GA, 15 January, 2011, Whakatane, New Zealand, (English), (Espanol), (Francais)

Second GA, 24 October, 2010 Nagoya (Japan),(English), (Espanol), (Francais)

Founding meeting GA, 13 July 2010 Geneva, Switzerland, (English),(Espanol), (Francais)


Annual Reports

The 2015 Annual Report is available in English here.

The 2014 Annual Report is available in English here.

The 2013 Annual Report is available in English here.

The 2012 Annual Report is available in  English here.

The 2011 Annual Report is available in English here.

Information and Communication System

A descriptive document outlining the¬†purpose¬†and¬†functioning¬†of the Consortium’s ICS is available here.