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The 4th ICCA Network Nepal National Gathering, Kathmandu, Nepal, 17 – 18 December

Life is not always easy for ICCA advocates! The gathering witnessed many heated debates surrounding ICCAs in Nepal!

ICCA Consortium members, ICCA Network Nepal and Forest Action Nepal co-organised the Fourth ICCA National Gathering (NG) of Nepal.

The NG was used as a platform for community members from twenty-nine ICCAs to meet one another, share experiences discuss concerns and issues facing them and plan ahead for policy advocacy and lobbying for ICCAs in Nepal including the formation of a National ICCA Federation under the “Organizational Registration Act 2034 (1978)” Law.

Towards the latter, the participants decided to officially register four ICCAs, as the law requires a minimum of seven registered organisations for the formation of a National Federation. In order to coordinate this process, the gathering also appointed a coordination committee of four members. This informal network currently faces issues related to financial constraints as well as political resistance arising mainly from a lack of understanding of ICCAs among numerous politically powerful stakeholders in the country. It is hoped however that this loose ICCA Network will eventually become known as a legally registered National ICCA Federation in the coming year.

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