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Extraordinary General Assembly, Montréal, Canada

The ICCA Consortium will hold an Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA), in Montréal, Canada, on June 30, 2018.

This EGA will take place within a series of events to be held in Montreal. The provisional agenda of this series of events can be found here.

The preliminary agenda of the EGA includes the following topics:

  1. Review and approval of the gender policy for the ICCA Consortium
  2. Review of progress on “No-go for destructive developments in ICCAs” policy
  3. New Consortium work on the theme of ICCAs & sustainable livelihoods
  4. The ongoing Regionalization process and forthcoming “regional assemblies”
  5. Advice about “inclusive conservation” as provided by the Consortium to WWF International—key issues at stake and potential evolution
  6. Review of SAFE initiative and MoU with FoEI (Friends of the Earth International)
  7. Review of progress on the new membership policy and report on controversial cases
  8. Treasurer’s report – final statement for 2017 and considerations about the on-going year and fundraising efforts.
  9. Search committee for new President, Secretary, and Global Coordinator (as of 2020).
  10. Eventual election of new members of the Council
  11. Plans for the forthcoming General Assembly
  12. Change of physical address of the ICCA Consortium