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Costa Rica advances towards the implementation of shared governance and community governance of its marine resources

Since 2014, fishermen and fisherwomen organizations from all over the world finally saw their will considered in the document “Voluntary guidelines for the sustainability of small scale fisheries in the context of food security and the eradication of poverty”. Governments from all over the world approved the guidelines in the 2014 meeting of the COFI ( FAO´s Fishing committee) in Rome.

Since then, fishers from all over the world and their organizations have started a process towards the implementation of the actions mentioned in the document.  Costa Rica has started the implementation of the guidelines with actions in the field that strengthen the information and organization of the fishers towards responsible fishing and local and shared governance scheme and more recently in a join effort that included civi society and governmental authorities, a project of law was presented so the implementation of the guidelines will be not voluntary action but one of great responsibility towards the recognition of human rights of coastal and fisher communities in both the Pacific and Caribbean of the country.

The draft of law not only reinforces a human rights base approach to marine conservation but considers as the guidelines suggest tenure rights, gender, marine spatial planning, governance, value chain and climate change considerations, subjects that affect directly the livelihoods and well being of coastal communities.

The draft of the law is now being presented to the Congress and will start being consulted to the different institutions and organizations to be approved hopefully in the near future.

Click here to read the text and simple version of the draft of the law in English and Spanish.