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Rangelands Initiative panel at the Global Landscapes Forum

Nahid Naghizadeh was invited, on behalf of CENESTA, to participate in the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), organized by the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub and the Global Rangelands Initiative, ILRI, UNEP, and IUCN on August 2018. Please find her online participation here below:

As CENESTA has long history of work with indigenous mobile pastoralists throughout the country and beyond, it was invited to share its experiences and to highlight rangeland landscapes conservation in the Global Landscape Forum. The rangelands are in the heart of indigenous mobile pastoralists challenges and needs a special attention in particular from socio-economic and ecological aspects.  The presentation shows the process of Cenesta joint actions with indigenous mobile pastoralists of Iran on good practices and rangeland restoration at different scales through building alliances with other stakeholders.

Below is the video of the full forum discussion:

Click HERE to download CENESTA’s presentation on sustainable pastoralism in Iran.