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Ameyali Ramos Castillo

Ameyali Ramos Castillo, based in Chiapas (Mexico), is a Maya indigenous scholar and activist, experienced in leveraging and influencing global and regional policy. After her studies (she gained a PhD in Environmental Science and Policy at Oxford University) she has worked to strengthen dialogue and collaboration among indigenous peoples, local communities, governments, scientists and NGOs.  Her main work efforts are to recognize collective rights, conserve nature, promote food sovereignty and combat climate change.  She is Deputy Chair of the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy, member of the UNESCO Advisory Group on Water and Cultural Diversity and Honorary Member of the ICCA Consortium.  Ameyali is active as part of the ICCA Working Group that exists in Mexico and has been proposed as eminently qualified to co-chair the Consortium Theme on Sustaining Territories of Life, for which she has been active for some time.