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Newsflash #19 – Juin 2019

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

Kenya’s National Environmental Tribunal handed down judgment on the challenge to the Lamu coal plant license on Wednesday, 26 June 2019. A challenge brought by the communities of Lamu and Kenyan civil society organisations, including Natural Justice, an ICCA Consortium Member. Lire la suite ▸
Par Salatou Sambou, Coordinateur régional pour les écosystèmes marins et côtiers en Afrique de l’Ouest. l’ONG KABEKA (Kamaloor Be Kafanté), qui est l’organisation catalytique…  Lire la suite "L’Instauration de Consortium APAC Zonaux au Sénégal"
On June 2019, the Myanmar ICCA Working Group held its bi-annual meeting. It was an occasion to prepare the documentation of ICCAs and plan strategies for engaging with the government to advocate for the recognition of these territories Lire la suite ▸
Par Alexis Kaboré, coordinateur régional du Consortium APAC pour la région du Sahel Du 31 mai au 1er juin 2019 à Ouagadougou, l’Association Nationale…  Lire la suite "Formation de l’Association Nationale des APAC du Burkina Faso à la Gouvernance Associative"
Cinco pueblos indígenas, una comunidad afrodescendiente y una comunidad montubia de la costa que se reconocieron como territorios de vida se reunieron junto a la Fundación Aldea y al Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones, para debatir y decidir sobre el registro mundial de los TICCA. Lire la suite ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium news, events and initiatives

The Consortium held a successful regional assembly in Armenia between June 16-21 2019, with excellent prospects for the Consortium membership and its work in West and Central Asia and the Caucasus. Lire la suite ▸
The ICCA Consortium participated in the "One Smart Governance" meeting on oceans in Lisbon, that aimed at developing, for the next year’s UN World Ocean Summit, an ambitious, bold, and clear call to the world leaders, to take action to secure the future of our oceans. Lire la suite ▸
Five organisations and ICCAs that are Members (or close partners of members) of the ICCA Consortium received the prestigious 10th Equator Prize, from the Equator Initiative of the UNDP. Lire la suite ▸
A delegation from the ICCA Consortium participated in the eighteenth session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and made statements during the thematic discussion on “Conservation and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. Lire la suite ▸


Les pratiques Bioculturelles à Imegdale, entre ingéniosité ancestrale et innovation des communautés actuelles. Dans le cadre du projet de soutien stratégique aux aires et…  Lire la suite "Vidéo – Les pratiques Bioculturelles à Imegdale"
Bas Verschuuren, Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium, co-edited this volume which carries the voices, experiences and perspectives of indigenous peoples regarding the treatment of the sacred and its protection and governance in the face of threats from various forms of natural resource exploitation and development. Lire la suite ▸
In this article, Denis Ruysschaert, ICCA Consortium Honorary Member, questions the territorial effects of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standardisation. Lire la suite ▸
The "Centro de Saberes para a Sustentabilidade", together with two Galician ICCAs has developed a set of educational materials exposing the social and environmental impacts of mining, challenges affecting many common land communities across the country. Lire la suite ▸

News from Our Partners, Allies and Related Initiatives

The ICCA Consortium encourages you to read the inspiring 2018 annual report of the Global Forest Coalition, a Member of the Consortium entitled "Defending Rights and the Power of Community Conservation" Lire la suite ▸

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