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Carolina Amaya

Spanish Communication Assistant and Focal Point in Colombia

Based in Colombia. A Honorary Member of the ICCA Consortium since 2010, Carolina has translated numerous publications into Spanish for the Consortium and UICN. She currently works as Chief Scientific Officer and Editorial Coordinator at the Medical Intercultural Studies Centre (CEMI, a Member of the Consortium) and as a researcher for the Grupo de Estudios en Sistemas Tradicionales de Salud at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, where she works with an innovative training programme for intercultural health and legal agents throughout the country. For fifteen years, Carolina has accompanied indigenous peoples toward their full self-determination, in the Amazon Piedmont and the Amazon Basin through the study, strengthening and recuperation of traditional knowledge systems. She has promoted intercultural processes in health and education, and has supported the development of Life Plans. Carolina is also deeply interested and engaged in symbolic hermeneutics and qualitative inquiry methods.