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Emma Courtine

Programme and Communication Officer

Based in France. In the course of her studies of geography at Stockholm University, Sweden, and the Lumière University in Lyon, France, Emma was struck by the need to build bridges between social and environmental sciences. While earning her Master’s Degree, she conducted research on the ecosystem services of the urban river Mithi, in Mumbai, India.  Her focus was on the essential ways in which the river links neighbouring communities – especially regarding the Kholis, a group of indigenous fisher folk. Emma is now actively working with ICCAs in Ecuador, exploring how the principles and methods of Popular Education may be a means for strengthening civil organisations. Working towards social change and wellbeing: everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. Among other things, Emma enjoys practicing circus, climbing, hiking, and yoga. She feels that her work with the ICCA Consortium is a perfect match for her commitment to indigenous peoples’ issues and their connections with territory and nature conservation. She is now Programme and Communication Officer, and in charge of internet-based communication for the Consortium.