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Informe anual 2013

First published on 02/12/2014, and last updated on 05/29/2017

Informe anual 2013 disponible en inglés.

The year 2014 is ushering the Consortium into its “productive youth”. As you will be able to read from the Outlook section in the 2013 Report, we start 2014 with the wonderful news that our decision to remain “an ambitious movement backed up by a lean organisation”– rather than the contrary— has truly paid off.

In the coming years we are called to accompany our Members, Honorary Members and as many indigenous peoples and local communities as possible to restore, nourish, develop, protect, consolidate, defend and strengthen their ICCAs and to establish linkages among themselves to enhance mutual learning and support, and effective action. The UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme has been assured the capacity to provide a dependable avenue of support in countries all over the world and the Consortium and its international partners will inform, encourage, assist and try their best to strengthen and multiply positive experiences.

This great news, upon which we elaborate in the report that follows and in its discussion, deeply
encourages us… and makes us even more aware of the problems and dangers upon us. Read more