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Newsflash #11 – Septiembre 2018

ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

The Regional Assembly of the ICCA Consortium Southeast Asia and West Austronesia regions was held in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, on August 1-4, 2018. Leer más ▸
Dans le cadre de son engagement dans l’accompagnement des communautés détentrices des forêts communautaires et APAC, l’ANAPAC RDC a organisé du jeudi 02 au vendredi 03 août 2018 l’atelier qui a invité les parties prenantes du mouvement autochtone en RDC.  Leer más ▸
Nahid Naghizadeh was invited to participate in the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) and to present the work of Cenesta on rangeland landscape restoration and conservation by pastoralist communities in Iran. Leer más ▸
PARQUE NACIONAL BERNARDO O’HIGGINS/TERRITORIO KAWÉSQAR WAES:CONSERVACIÓN Y GESTIÓN EN UN TERRITORIO ANCESTRAL, por Juan Carlos Aravena, Germaynee Vela-Ruiz, Juliana Torres, Juan-Carlos Tonko, MAGALLANIA (Chile),…  Leer más "Parque Nacional Bernardo O’Higgins/Territorio Kawésqar Waes: Conservación y Gestión en un Territorio Ancestral"

Resources & Multimedia

El Centro de Estudios Médicos Interculturales —Cemi—, miembro del Consorcio TICCA y organización que brinda apoyo estratégico al Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones del GEF…  Leer más "Los TICCA en Colombia – Dos Boletines para Saber Más…!"
Namati has recently launched the Community-Investor Negotiation Guides. These two first-of-their-kind resources support communities and frontline advocates to prepare for -- and if they so wish, to engage in -- empowered contract negotiations with investors seeking to use community lands and natural resources. Leer más ▸
The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas has just released a special issue of its peer-reviewed journal PARKS: The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation, focusing on Other-Effective Conservation Measures (OECMs). Leer más ▸
This paper focuses upon loopholes in new laws that could exclude forested lands from collective entitlement, impairing constitutional advances in the process. Ambiguity within the Kenyan Constitution itself plays a role. Therefore, while lesser impediments to land justice may be remedied through clarifying regulations and parliamentary removal of offending clauses, judicial interpretation of constitutional intentions is required.  Leer más ▸

News from Our Partners, Allies and Related Initiatives

Co-organised by Interreg Nord Summer Whitefish and Snowchange Cooperative, the Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions has concluded successfully in Tornio, Finland. Over 150 small-scale and Indigenous fisher women and men around the world joined forces to discuss climate change, traditional knowledge, governance and direct exchanges to meet common challenges.  Leer más ▸
In her recent report, the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples expresses her grave concern at the drastic increase in attacks and acts of violence against, criminalization of and threats aimed at indigenous peoples, particularly those arising in the context of large-scale projects involving extractive industries, agribusiness, infrastructure, hydroelectric dams and logging.  Leer más ▸
Two new studies released on the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit illustrate the powerful links between securing indigenous and community land rights and protecting the forests that are vital to mitigating climate change.  Leer más ▸
Servindi, 4 de setiembre, 2018.- Ruth Alipaz Cuqui, defensora de los derechos indígenas de la Amazonía de Bolivia, en entrevista exclusiva para Servindi, detalla sobre los daños que ocasionarán los megaproyectos hidroenergéticos proyectados por el gobierno de Evo Morales en territorios indígenas. Leer más ▸
Podcast episode featuring a special report on the community-based conservation and agroforestry operations known as ejidos in Mexico featuring ICCA Consortium Honorary member David Barkin. Leer más ▸

Deborah David, Communications Assistant of the ICCA Consortium is leaving the team as of October 2018. We would like to thank her warmly for all the work she has done within the Consortium, and especially for the Newsflash which she launched and then patiently pulled together to release an issue almost once a month! Thank you for your hard work Deborah, looking forward to collaborating more with you in the future!

Emma Courtine will take responsibility for all Deborah’s tasks as of October, please contact Emma for more information.

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