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Newsflash #24 – Noviembre/Diciembre 2019


The ICCA Consortium held its XVth General Assembly from 2-3 December 2019 in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). In this video, President Teddy Baguilat gives a short summary of the key outcomes of the Assembly and an overview of the important moments to come in 2020! Leer más ▸

ICCA Consortium Life

The ICCA Consortium's XVth General Assembly in Udaipur, India, was an important moment for the founding and next generation leadership. It marked the last GA co-organised by Grazia Borrini Feyerabend, one of the Consortium’s founders and leaders, who moved into the Council of Elders. The membership welcomed several new Council members by consensus, including a number of young leaders, as well as new team members in the global Secretariat. Leer más ▸

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

En République Démocratique du Congo, l'ANAPAC, Membre du Consortium APAC, a identifié quatre nouvelles APAC, situées près du Parc National de Lomami. Le réseau poursuit également son travail de plaidoyer auprès des autorités locales, avec beaucoup de succès.  Leer más ▸
In India, KRAPAVIS (ICCA Consortium Member) organized a workshop that included representatives from communities, forestry research and other research institutions, universities and colleges, along with the Forest Department, the ‘Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board’ (RSBB) NGOs, and governmental agencies, to agree on the first steps to secure Orans, based on the 2018 "deemed forest" Supreme Court order.  Leer más ▸
A forest reserve outside Zambia’s capital has been shrunk significantly to make way for housing and lifestyle developments. Even worse, these new developments are pumping sewage into the Chalimbana River and contaminating the fish and water that local communities rely on. Local activists, like Robert Chimambo (ICCA Consortium Honorary member), are struggling to protect the river and forest, and hope to turn this territory into a community protected forest area.  Leer más ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

The ICCA Consortium is delighted to release its new Policy Brief, which highlights and documents the profound significance of ICCAs—territories of life- and their contributions to the food sovereignty of the peoples and the communities themselves. This is a call for movements that foster food sovereignty and movements strengthening territories of life to exchange knowledge and support each other!  Leer más ▸
This global campaign urges all of us to #StandWithDefenders by shining a spotlight on indigenous peoples and communities who are criminalised for defending their territories of life.  Leer más ▸
Among the many existing tools for documenting ICCAs, the one proposed by InsightShare proves to be a powerful way for communities to create participatory media that reflects their unique concerns and amplifies their unique voices. InsightShare shared examples of effective uses of video during the Video4Change gathering, attended by 40 indigenous activists and video practitioners, including Ivan Vaalbooi and Lesle Jansen from Natural Justice (ICCA Consortium Member).  Leer más ▸


This 8-page policy brief explains different ‘stages’ of criminalisation and their effects on individuals and communities, especially women, and sets out key recommendations for ending the criminalisation of those who defend Mother Earth.  Leer más ▸
La Federación por la Autodeterminación de los Pueblos Indígenas, Miembro del Consorcio TICCA, publicó en octubre este manual de protección dirigido a los pueblos indígenas que defienden sus tierras, territorios y el medio ambiente. En el contexto de la movilización global contra la criminalización de las y los defensores, nos parece importante compartir este valioso recurso. Leer más ▸
On International Human Rights Day, Natural Justice (ICCA Consortium Member) and the International Land Coalition present “African Environmental Defenders”, a resource for African land and environmental defenders. It aims at providing funding support in emergency situations.  Leer más ▸

News from Our Partners, Allies and Related Initiatives

Indigenous rights activists Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Joan Carling have launched an independent initiative to prevent criminalisation of, and impunity against indigenous peoples who defend their traditional lands. In this initiative, they are building on years of experience in the Philippines, Asia, and around the globe.  Leer más ▸

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