Our dear friend Ghanimat Azhdari and 175 others were on Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, the passenger plane that was shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on 8 January 2020 in Tehran. There were no survivors. We are in utter disbelief and heartbroken at the sudden loss of such a beautiful young life – a true force of nature, and one of the ICCA Consortium’s most cherished flowers. No words can adequately express the pain of this loss but please allow us to share the following.

Ghanimat was a proud member of the Qashqai tribe and a powerful and passionate young leader. She was a dear friend to all of us and will be deeply missed.

Having grown for many years within Cenesta (an ICCA Consortium founding Member in Iran), she was a key partner and student of our beloved Taghi Farvar, who served as Consortium President from 2010 until his passing in July 2018. A Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist, Ghanimat worked tirelessly with many of Iran’s nomadic tribes, travelling across the country and supporting the national federation of Iranian nomadic tribes (UNINOMAD) to document their territories of life through their own worldviews and perspectives. She was also a highly respected ICCA Consortium Council member, first as regional representative for West and Central Asia and the Caucasus and then as co-chair of the theme on documenting ICCAs–territories of life.

In September 2019, she started working towards her PhD at the University of Guelph in Canada, planning to focus on ICCAs. She continued to actively support the ICCA Consortium in every way possible and remained committed to her life’s work in her final days and weeks, most recently representing the Consortium in a series of UN Convention on Biological Diversity meetings in Montreal from mid-November to early December.

This loss leaves her family, Cenesta and ICCA Consortium, and her many friends around the world with an unbearable sadness, but also deep gratitude to have shared with her so many joyful moments and powerful causes and dreams even in her short time on this Earth. She was always smiling, wherever she went, and generously shared her experience, knowledge and powerful energy. A strong activist and advocate for the global indigenous peoples’ movement, this is not only a loss for our ICCA Consortium family but also for many communities, organisations and movements worldwide.

Ghanimat was cherished and loved by all of us. Her passion and inimitable force for life will remain within us and flourish in our continued collective work.

Holly Jonas (ICCA Consortium Global Coordinator) speaks about Ghanimat on Canada’s CBC Morning Live on 9 January.

In this dedicated page, people from around the world have commemorated Ghanimat joon’s incredible life with beautiful memories, messages and photos.

We love you, Ghanimat joon!

For more information, please read this beautiful profile in The Narwhal (English only) and visit the website of the Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims (English and Farsi only).

Additional tributes to Ghanimat include (English only):


8 January 2020

One year later…

Dear Ghanimat, dear friend, colleague, dear daughter in spirit…

A year has passed, and I am remembering some precious, unforgettable moments with you.

I help you wearing one of the marvellous Qashqai dresses made for you by your mother. We are at a congress and you are about to make a wonderful presentation with Reza Salehi – facing many hundreds of people. You are fresh, strong, calm.

It is the first time we meet without Taghi. We cannot speak at all, just hug, just cry.

We are in Bali. It is so hot, we walk for a long time along the beach and we finally find a place where to drink fresh coconut juice. We smile for one of your famous ‘care for your selfies’.

These are words I wrote for you a year ago: “Ghanimat’s sense of purpose in life was infectious.  She was so tiny and so beautiful… you’d see her, and you would inevitably think of a flower in the morning light.  The most obvious feelings she conveyed were gentleness and determination.  Where are now her dreams, her memories and joys, her gorgeous dark hair, tiny gold earrings, precious traditional clothes, her deep eyes and open smile?   When I am most positive, I think they are scattered like stars in the night sky, they will never change, never be diminished, always belong to all who loved and cherished her… and they will be reborn into others who will be hopeful and pure, as she was.”

Since then, you have been present, Ghanimat, every time I looked at stars. You are in my life even more than before, but I’d wish you to be alive, dearest, as it would be right to be.

– By Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend (ICCA Consortium co-founder)

100 thoughts on “A Tribute to Ghanimat Azhdari”

  1. Jude says:

    We had a U of Guelph graduate student retreat in October 2019 and Ghanimat was a lovely presence during the weekend. She brought so much joy to our group of academics in the short time we knew her. Such a tragic loss of a brilliant life.

  2. Mirna Fernandez says:

    Querida Ghanimat, es muy difícil superar tu partida. Tenía muchas ganas de verte otra vez, tu sonrisa y tu energía contagiosa. Tu lucha no quedará abandonada, la continuaremos por ti. Te extrañaremos siempre.

  3. Carmen says:

    Querida Ghanimat, fue un shock enorme el saber de tu partida intempestiva. Te extrañaremos siempre!!!

    Un sentido pésame a toda tu familia y a todo el Consorcio TICCA que extrañaremos tu linda y siempre amorosa presencia….

  4. Mika says:

    I met Ghanimat in Egypt November 2019 and last saw her in Montreal this past November. We found in each other kindred spirits, exchanging perspectives and feelings about the successes and challenges of attending international negotiations and the struggles and pleasures of PhD studies. She was so special – warm, funny, incredibly sharp and so dedicated to her work and the communities that she was part of. This is a huge loss to the movements that she was part of, as well as to her friends and family whose presence she always brightened. I hold you all in my thoughts as I celebrate her life and mourn her passing.

  5. Olivier Chassot says:

    May Ghanimat’s spirit keep on shining brightly amongst the stars forever, and keep on inspiring us to follow her example in making this World a better place for all.

  6. Vance says:

    The Biodiversity and environmental conservation family has lost a great pillar to conservation but will live through Ghanimat’s contribution and steer forth that which she believed in. May she rest in peace

  7. Joe Eisen says:

    A real inspiration and shining light, who clearly touched many lives. Our thoughts and condolences from everyone at RFUK.

    Joe Eisen

  8. So sad! I met Ghanimat in Jakarta, during the GLF 2018. We had discussions on many things, religion, pastoralism, Iran… Rest In Peace!

  9. Tanya Conlu says:

    Last I saw her was at the COP in Egypt, where she delivered the message of indigenous peoples in plenary. She was so nervous and excited about it and read her speech to me several times beforehand to make sure she got every line right. And she was brilliant, like the star that she was.

    Ghanimat was so full of life, her enthusiasm contagious. In one tragic instant, a promising, fantastic person is lost to us. It is devastating, but collectively, we celebrate her life, and pray for her soul.

    May you always shine your light on us, Ghanimat. We will miss you terribly.

  10. Kuluipa says:

    Dear friends,
    We express our sincere condolence to the family of Ghanimat for this tragic loss.
    I was honored to know Ghanimat.
    We wanted to plan something for women together. She was a wonderful person…
    May her soul rest in peace!

    Kuluipa Akmatova, Kyrgyzstan.

  11. Ghanimath inspired so many of us. We met in Australia at the World Parks Congress and I was struck by the passion, boldness and care with which she shared her views. Her people and family can be very proud of her. She had the rare ability to connect with people, and to also understand and advocate for their big dreams. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  12. shahin shirinzadeh says:

    Ghanimat..when I knew you, you had gone. I love you forever. You are alwayse in my heart. RIP

  13. Abolfazl says:

    We have only few passionate environmentalists from Iran who are working with nomads and indigenous communities of the country. Ghanimat was indeed one of those. As a young researcher, I know how difficult it is for a woman in Iran to do activities which require field works in the nature. However, she was a Qashqai. She was born in this way carrying a deep love for humanity. There is no word to show our feelings, we just write to calm ourselves. To show our respect to her.

  14. Dinesh says:

    Ghanimat was a very enthusiastic, intelligent and smart girl. She was an icon of pastoralist women of Iran and had always passionately represented the cause of pastoralists from Iran.

    This is the great loss for the cause and for pastoralism. We lost one of our comrades from amongst us.

    From MARAG, we pray for her.

  15. Anu says:

    This is a very sad and disturbing news. Though, I had a very brief interaction with Ghanimat in a meeting at Jakarta, where we together facilitated a session. But, she had a spark that leaves an impression on whoever meets her. Her commitment and passion can be easily noticed in a crowd.

    It is unbelievable to loose her in such a very young age, she will be remembered dearly by all of us.

    It will be difficult for her family and friends to settle down with this irreparable damage. From South Asia Pastoral Alliance, we express our deep condolence and pray that her soul rest in peace and her family and friends get courage and strength to bear this loss.

  16. Emma Lee says:

    Dearest sista – I miss you. The tears have hardly dried before the new ones start. Our little conversations, emails and the few times we met meant the world to me.
    The cruelty of the world never seemed to impinge upon you. Instead, you showed how love, culture and mapping can come together in a beautiful song and dance of your Qashqai country.
    Thank you for the gift of your life and bringing to us a little bit of your sunshine.

    My deepest love to you and your family and friends. Save a seat for me, dear heart, because the journey never ends, just a little bit further down the road.

  17. Azamat says:

    I am writing as Ghanimat’s sister.
    She was a wonderful sister, daughter, aunt, colleague and student.
    “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no

    – Rumi

  18. Joseph Muiruri Karanja says:

    This is really devastating news. My sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace Ghanimat.

    May her demise be our daily motivation for those of us working/researching to defend the rights of indigenous people in conservation. Karanja Joseph, Kenya

  19. My feelings to all her beloved ones, family and friends. May dear Chanimat leave through the numerous hearts and lives she has touch and inspired.

  20. My condolences to all her beloved ones, family and friends. May dear Chanimat leave through the numerous hearts and lives she has touch and inspired.

  21. Every soul must taste death, heavily shock when I heard the tragic news, I haven’t met Ghanimat in person but with the good words of honour from every one shows that she has being a hero, May her soul rest in peace. and to all GYBN members May we all have the strengths to bear this great lost.

    Her memory will remain within us till eternity

    Ibrahim Inusa
    NorthWestern Lake chad, Nigeria

  22. MBAREK AKADDAR- Morocco says:

    This is shocking news! May the soul of Ghamimat rest in peace! My most sincere condolences to her family, friends, colleagues, ICCA, GYBN communities, and all love and peace fighters in the world.

  23. Dana Kelly says:

    Ghanimat was a truely inspirational leader, who had already contributed much, but had so much more to do. Ghanimat was due to give a keynote address at the up-coming international rangelands and grasslands conference in Kenya in 2020. Our sincere sympathy from this international community to her colleagues, friends and especially her family at this terrible time.
    Rest in peace my friend.

  24. Lynn Jacobs says:

    Such a sad loss for the world. Ghanimat left a lasting impression on me when we worked together on components of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s post-2020 framework. We shared a lot in common. She was doing her PhD at Guelph, where I also studied, and she was working on Indigenous conservation and protected areas, something we are striving for in our community. We worked together in several small working groups and I got to know this kind, patient, extremely intelligent, and humbly confident woman. We exchanged contact information and planned to get in touch in the new year. I knew her only briefly but I can’t stop thinking about this incredible woman whose life was stolen from her, her family, her friends and the world. She accomplished so much at such a young age and could have achieved so much more for her people and other Indigenous Peoples around the world. I hope her work will continue to inspire and provide the tools for other Indigenous Peoples to protect their Territories of Life. I will remember her and her work. RIP Ghanimat Azhdari.

  25. The sudden and unexpected death of Ghanimat is an unbelievable tragedy. An immense chock for her family and friends, for CENESTA, for the ICCA Consortium – and the whole beautiful global movement for protecting Mother Earth with all her diversity of nature and cultures. This is how we remember her: as part of us, as bringing light and hope, together with all of us. We will always remember her, and let her warmth and light make us stronger, also if we will be missing her immensely, she will be with us, as a guardian angel, forever.
    Our deepest condolences to you, her family and friends. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Pernilla for the SwedBio team

  26. Nastaran Moossavi says:

    There is no grief like the grief that is too heavy to speak about!

    Years ago, Taghi introducing Ghanimat to me said, ”Come on over and meet a true Qashqai, a real nomad defender”! I was following her works from a distance, and could see she was passionate about what she was doing.

    My sincere condolences to her family members and to colleagues in CENESTA …

  27. cristina eghenter says:

    Too soon departed, another beautiful flower gone….The WGII family in Indonesia will miss you Ghanimat… you shared your knowledge and passion for Indigenous Peoples and territories of life, and you fought and advocated and shared with such grace and captivating smile, and the determination of a warrior princess…. thank you, Ghanimat

  28. Bas says:

    Such a special person will remain to be loved, missed and remembered in all the thoughts and actions of the ICCA family. For peace, forever.

  29. J.C. Alonsagay says:

    Really saddened (and shocked) upon knowing the sudden death of a dear friend, whose tragic death in the plane crash in Tehran, Iran last 8 January 2020 was a great loss to the people whom she had worked with, with so much passion and commitment.

    I met her in Singapore during our Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) Workshop back in May 2017. She was one of our big sisters during the workshop. Her work in the field of biodiversity conservation and indigenous people’s rights, culture, and welfare astonished me.

    “If we are going to save the planet, we have to stop killing and criminalizing the people who protect it.” – she posted in her Instagram and Twitter page months ago.

    We’ll terribly miss your kindness, Ghanimat! Your life’s work will be cherished and shall be continued!

    J.C. Alonsagay, Philippines

  30. Edna Kaptoyo says:

    Its so sad that such a beautiful soul Ghanimat has left this world tragically.My Indigenous sister was a strong and passionate advocate of indigenous peoples rights.Your commitment and dedication to the rights of people and conservation shall never be forgotten and I’m thankful I got to meet you.You were a great support and friend,I have beautiful memories of my time in Yadz,Iran with you.Forever in my heart friend,our shining star.Rest in Power.

  31. I will put in the book of my memory her charismatic personality and great knowledge in nature conservation matters. In her honour, let’s pursue happiness and life coherence.

  32. Aili Pyhälä says:

    Ghanimat, dearest sister,
    You left us far too soon, and I still cannot fathom that you are no longer here with us in person.
    What an enormous legacy and awakening you have left behind you. A trail of sparkling stars, shining our path, showing us the way, radiating with your smile, confident, relaxed, yet firm as ever… glowing for the whole world to see what you stood for.
    With tears of grief trickling on sweet memories of beautiful connections, conversations, and shared adventures with you in many corners of the world,
    May you soar high, in eternal peace, light and love,
    <3 Aili

  33. Anu Rao says:

    Dear Ghanimat generously shared her story with me for my book for youth about people of colour who are environmental defenders. She was such a perfect fit and an excellent role model – an inspiration through her passion and achievements. Her beautiful face features on the cover and her story is within. This tragedy is so shocking and difficult to understand. May her legacy live on, beyond the heartbreak and devastation. I hope her story reaches everyone so that we may all take inspiration from her and work together for peace and the planet. All my love to her family, tribespeople, friends and colleagues. May you find strength through love.

  34. Prof. David Josephy, University of Guelph says:

    Very moved by this evening’s memorial for Ghanimat and Milad Ghasemi Ariani, here at University of Guelph. Well attended, and fine tributes were given to both students. I never had the chance to meet Ghanimat and I am very sad that now I never can!

  35. Terence Hay-Edie says:

    The UNINOMAD meeting

  36. Terence Hay-Edie says:

    CBD COP 15

  37. I cannot yet come to terms with this tragic news. I had been to visit SGP in Iran in Oct 2018. Together with Ghanimat and CENESTA we had co-organised a large gathering of the tribal confederacy members of UNINOMAD and a field trip to various marine ICCAs and SGP projects around Qeshm Island. Ghanimat and I also met with Taghi’s wife Khadija, still mourning his recent death.

    Just a few weeks ago in mid Dec 2019, a cohort of 38 national ICCA GSI projects were approved in Iran, which will start up over the coming weeks. Cruelly, these projects will come to be implemented in loving memory not only of Taghi, but now also of Ghanimat.

    Let me share a photo from the events at the CBD COP14 in Egypt organised to jointly celebrate the 20 years of the International Women’s Biodiversity Network and 25 years of the GEF SGP. Ghanimat is so radiant (as ever) positioned right at the front of the joyful gathering. Let us remember her always leading the way as a shooting star in the firmament.

  38. Hugh Govan says:

    Such tragic news and my heart goes out to her family and all those affected. Hugs

  39. I was fortunate to work with Ghanimat on the LandMark project since 2015. She was LandMark’s most enthusiastic supporter — talking about it at conferences and recruiting others to share their maps of indigenous and community lands. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of Indigenous Peoples’ rights was truly inspirational. She accomplished so much in her short time, and I am so glad to have known her. My deepest sympathy to her family in this tragedy. We added a tribute to her on the homepage of LandMark: http://www.landmarkmap.org.

  40. Annalisa says:

    you gave so much to each and all of us. Like the sun smiling. Only once I saw you crying, It was in Bandung just after Taghi past away. This is what humanity should be, each human being should exactly be the same of who you are. Joie de vivre, pura vida. thank you for enriching our life. we will never let you go and you will stay with us forever

  41. Neema Pathak Broome says:

    Shocked, saddened, overwhelmed… ‘why oh why’ wondered the mind
    So young, such merit, such beauty, what potential, so many lives touched, so many territories benefited and many yet to be… ‘oh why’ wondered the mind
    What makes one come what makes one go?
    I have heard that the wise sage once said..
    “There is no coming, there is no going, there is no arising, there is no ceasing…
    Like vanishing dew, a passing apparition, or a sudden flash of lightening, see life as such…
    From causes and conditions things arise, with causes and conditions they go…”
    Was she born then? Did she die? We may never know
    But that she moved on and spread out to multiple conciousnesses, in multiple dimensions, within us or without…that we do know.

    With homage to her intense and deep aspiration and commitment to the wellbeing of “territories of life” and with faith that the aspiration and commitment carry on and stronger.

    Her image from the last meeting with her in Ethiopia, looking beautiful in her traditional dress will stay in my heart forever…

  42. Fred Nelson says:

    Ghanimat was one of those rare people that one is sometimes fortunate to meet in life- and, somehow, often fortunate to meet through this unique network of the Consortium- who radiated a transcendent spirit. She had that combination of intensity and purpose, and openness and generosity, that marks those with the power to move the world. That most of her life and so many more contributions to her community and our shared future lay before her makes this loss such a tragic one.

  43. Una perdida enorme para las familias pastoralistas y sus luchas. Oranos por su eterna paz y serenidad y Consuelo a su familia y allegadas ante esta triste partida. Desde el Gran Chaco Sudamericano.

  44. Sefa Tauli says:

    Still in deep sadness and disbelief. Ghanimat was among the best of us–filled with light and love and bravery. I admired her so much as a scientist and as an indigenous peoples rights activist, and she was a very dear friend. She had already done so much, but it still hurts to think of how the best of her work was still ahead of her. Just last month in Montreal, we were laughing together, admiring the fruits of her bargain shopping, listening to her PhD stories, and sharing silly moments between some tough meetings fighting for a fairer and just planet. We shared a room in an airbnb, and my last memory of her was her waving goodbye in the snow before getting on her ride back to her university.

    Deep condolences to her family and everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. As we grieve, we shall continue with as much fierceness, courage, and light as she always did. We miss you dearly Ghanimat! You will always be with us.

  45. Marie Maxwell says:

    Ghanimat the world is sad to be without you and your passionate leadership. You planted many seeds of awareness, hope and inspiration in your young life. You had such direction and many good things to do here on Earth especially for Indigenous People’s on a world wide level. I believe your loved ones, colleagues and friends will help your seeds to grow as your infectious enthusiasm remains with all you met. May your eternal soul find peace. Love to you from Marie.

  46. liyuan says:

    Feeling sad, Wishing she will still smile and no pain in another world.

  47. Vatosoa says:

    Rest in peace my dear Ghanimat. Unfortunately, our plan to meet in Iran will not happen. You will be missed princess.
    Vatosoa, Madagascar


    Very sad news .. so far I can’t believe it. She was friendly to everyone, full of fun and positivity. Our last meeting was less than two months ago in Montreal. I never thought that my farewell would be the last farewell. To her spirit of reassurance and peace, and to all her family and loved ones patience and solace.

  49. Alisa says:

    It is so painful to lose a loved one, and in Ghanimat’s case, she is someone who touched so many lives in her work, by being her amazing self. She personified the best of humanity – love and hope and lightness in everything Ghanimat did. She was such a bright light in this dark world and she will be deeply missed. I am honoured to have met her through my graduate school @ University of Guelph and feel she was taken from us too soon. My heart and love goes out to her family and all whose lives were touched by her. — Alisa Greenwood-Nguyen, Canada

  50. Mary Martin says:

    Condolences to all of Ghazimat’s ICCA colleagues, her Cenesta family, Canadian colleagues and her Iranian family and friends.
    Mary Martin, cultural anthropologist who worked in Tauran

  51. libo says:

    It is so sad, I heard this morning on CBC radio her professor and colleagues at the University of Guelph, speaking about the fond memory of her as well as her admirable dedication to her course of work on Indigenous community and their knowledge in Iran and beyond.
    I hope to give my deep condolence to her family and other Iranian families that have lost their beloved ones in this tragedy.
    May 2020, unfolds with more peace and safety to the world and to Iranians and all people.

  52. SHALINI DHYANI says:

    Such a devastating news. Met her during World parks Congress and was also exchanging emails when she was planning to be at WCC Hawaii..!! I hoped to meet you again sometime somewhere..You left us all way too soon.. Ghanimat you will be missed immensely. Prayers for your departed soul.. Rest in peace..!!

  53. Helen Tugendhat says:

    Ghanimat will be very sorely missed by me as well as the many who have written here. Such warmth, strength and clarity of purpose, and such an ability to talk to people across all sorts of divides. All my thoughts go to her closest family and friends as they deal with this loss, and also to share in the celebration of what she did here among us all. Helen, UK

  54. Engin Yılmaz says:

    We met at ICCA regional meeting in Yerevan last year. She was one of those rare people who has the gift to touch hearts with her beautiful spirit right away. My deepest sympathies go out to her beloved ones and all ICCA family. Rest in peace Ghanimat

  55. Very saddened to hear of the loss of Ghanimat. A very real champion of community land rights with such great knowledge and skills and a dear friend of all of us at PAR. Toby

  56. Gemma Sethsmith says:

    I feel honoured to have met Ghamimat and am so very saddened to hear this news. So full of grace, humility and commitment, I have been immensely inspired by her.
    I became friends with Ghanimat in Ethiopia in 2018 and she was instrumental in helping to produce the ICCA film about territories of life. During the making of the film her dedication, passion and generosity stood out so strikingly as she openly shared her wisdom, her time and her resources. Such a welcoming and positive young woman, in her short life she made such an impact and she will be very deeply missed. Her work and spirit will live on in all those she touched and inspired.
    My great sympathy to her family, fiancé and close friends. With love Gemma x

  57. Jay Naidoo says:

    Dear Ghanimat Azhdari.

    Your tragic passing from this physical world is a big loss especially in a hostile and violent world. Where the warmongering amongst nations threatens all living creatures and especially humanity in our world. It’s humanity at the crossroads and the wisdom and knowledge of indigenous cultures are the key to unlock the great mystery of Life and what makes us Human and restoring balance and harmony in our divided world. Your Spirit will guide us to better world if we can get our leaders to listen more attentively. Thank you for your caring wisdom to bring us back to our original and natural state of Being One with the Divine Grace and all that the Great Spirit embraces.

    Jay Naidoo. Former Minister in Nelson Mandela Cabinet.

  58. Irakli Goradze says:

    What a tragic and unexpected loss.
    I met Ghanimat together with Taghi first time some two and half years ago in Georgia. They were major inspiration for me to understand and appreciate ICCAs. It is so sad that they are not with us anymore.
    My most sincere condolences to her family, relatives and friends.

  59. Hamed alibeiki says:

    I don’t believe she is dead, she is alive and she will be next to me and in my heart, she loves the earth and the environment, she loves her work, I am proud of her and she is forever with me, I have great pain in my heart and soul😭🖤we lost one of the best human..

  60. Michel Pimbert says:

    Deeply shocked and very sad to learn this tragic news. Ghanimat joon radiated friendship and joy. She brought so much positive loving energy to her work in Iran with the nomadic pastoralists, and also internationally for the ICCA Consortium. May Ghanimat’s soul rest in peace and travel high above greener pastures.

    My warmest thoughts and sympathy go to Ghanimat’s family and close friends.

    Michel Pimbert, UK

  61. Dr Rebecca Koss says:

    I first met Ghanimat & Taghi at the IUCN WCPA World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia. Ghanimat was always full of life, positive energy and motivation to create change for her Indigenous sisters and brothers across the globe. I will miss her dearly. An amazing leader who left a wonderful legacy to make this earth a better place.

  62. Sola says:

    Such a tragic loss. May God comfort her family and friends, and grant them the fortitude to bear this loss.

  63. Fiona Flintan says:

    Ghanimat – you were such a beautiful person and I/we will miss you so much. I promise we will continue to fight for pastoralist land rights. Attached a photo of some of our last physical moments with you at the Global Land Forum – though your spirit will remain with us, strengthening us, always. Fiona (together with all the ILC Rangelands Initiative members that have learnt from and been motivated by you).

  64. Theodore N.Karfakis says:

    We met in Geneva briefly in the general assembly of the consortium, It seems like it is not true almost that you left this world so soon,so young and so willing to help the environment and people. It is wrong but it is unfortunatelly true that you are no longer with us.

    Enjoy your time in heaven and guide us along with Thagi

  65. Margaret Otieno says:

    What a sad loss! Rip

    Margaret, IUCN CEC Kenya

  66. Sudeep Jana Thing says:

    Irreparable loss of a young indigenous leader advocating rights of nomadic tribes and contributions in participatory counter mapping to secure territories of life. Your legacy and inspiration will provide an impetus to actualize strong young peoples engagement and actions in the ICCA Consortium and future works of Territories of Life globally, never got a chance to meet you after World Parks Congress, Sydney! Your soul remains alongside Taghi in the ICCA movement!

  67. Those we love and lose are always connected with us by heartstrings into infinity. And then I heard the angel say, ‘She’s with you every day’. The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around, reminding us of the love you shared, and the peace you have finally found. Rest in peace, Ghanimat!
    You are living eternally in the hearts of your loved brothers and sisters at ICCA Consortium.

  68. Zeina Hassane says:

    Someone so special can never be forgotten, may her soul rest in peace 🙁

  69. Iris Benes says:

    Wonderful, bubbly, smart, warm, commited Ghanimat. You will be missed deeply. This is such an incredible loss not only for your nearest and dearest, but for your people, ICCA Consortium and our Earth. Heart broken we are.

  70. Vernie Yocogan-Diano says:

    Sad and unexpected.she joined the IP group of the CSO APFSD in 2015 or 2016.She had an amazing energy to share about Iran’s IPs rarely heard in Dora as APFSD.Eternal rest with your ancestors,Ghanimat.

  71. Tina says:

    Ghanimat- a friend. A friend I admired – for her vision, strength and commitment in her work. It was her life, her passion and she was a force to also reckon with. She was strong when she needed to be to push for the rights of indigenous peoples and on the other a gentle being who loved life to the fullest and had so so so much still to offer and has so many dreams. I am happy to have been part of her life and know her friendship. Ghanimat – you will be so dearly missed, I don’t have any words. No farewell, my friend you will always remain in my heart and cherished. Miss you Ghanimat Joom.

  72. Kamal says:

    it is very sad,

  73. Got to know this beautiful soul during the GYBN workshop in Singapore back in 2017. Ghanimat was strong-willed and passionate about the things she did. Nonetheless, she was also kind and fun and patient and would spend time talking about her work and vision to make Iran, the middle-east and the world a better place where people could live with dignity and equality.
    Truly saddened to hear of her tragic and untimely demise.
    She was beautiful inside and out.

  74. Mostafa Ghiyasvand says:

    Such a terrible loss. Great personality. My heart is broken!!!

  75. Akihiro.H says:

    I’m so much shocked to see this news in this morning.
    For me,that was the first time to encountering and knowing how dynamic and beautiful that indigenous people life in Middle East when she sheared pictures and story to me.
    It made me realize how much important it is.
    She was a women who had so beautiful personality.
    Thought the internet ,always her work pushed me trying hard work more.
    I want to say thank you for her again.

  76. bevtjoeman@yahoo.com says:

    Dearest Ghanimat, I watched as you crossed the skies and seas, raising, and bringing the voices of your people to the world.

    When I shared the news of the planet crash yesterday, little did I think that I would personally know anyone on that flight. This is so, so heartbreaking and devastating to digest. May your beautiful soul continue to soar the skies. You will be deeply missed, and always loved. Your legacy in CENESTA and ICCA lives on.

    My deepest condolences to Ghanimat’s beloved family and friends, for the untimely and such profound loss.

    Gone too soon 💔
    Much love, Bev Joeman, Sabah, Malaysia

  77. Suzy says:

    Nice memory from the World Mountain Forum (Oct. 2018). My deepest condoleances to her beloved ones.

  78. Gilles Havik says:

    My condoleances, guys. Such tragic news! And I just learned that Taghi also has deceased, back in 2018 : (. All the best to Grazia, Emma and the others.

  79. Charlene Dinhut says:

    Wonderful, beautiful, passionate Ghanimat, what a loss. Ghanimat gave me a great tour of the city of Shiraz a few years ago. She showed me Hafez’s mausoleum, and showed me the app to read the future with his poems – back then I thought we could only do it through the very real books, old fashion. She and her parents welcomed me and my cousin Emma Courtine with a great hospitality sense in their house. We had long discussions – and we danced a lot when she came in Paris and slept at my place. All my friends who had the chance to meet her here in France thought she was so amazing and are so sad today. My condolences to her family, friends, colleagues. Ghanimat was brilliant, mischievous, committed.
    Love you, Ghanimat

  80. Mohamed AG Albachar says:

    Nous l’avons connu, les boursiers des peuples autochtones du programme Haut commissariat aux droits de l’homme et moi en 2019. Elle était une personne pleine de vie, toujours souriante et serviable. Elle va tous nous manqué. Nos sincères condoléances à sa famille et à ses amis. Dors en paix Ghani…

    Mohamed AG Albachar

  81. Luca M says:

    Such a terrible loss. Dear Ghanimat, it has been an honor to meet you. Such a strong, powerful, kind, brilliant and compassionate woman, and indeed a true force of nature. Thanks for what you have done for your people, and the land movement across the world. Che la terra ti sia lieve. May the land rest lightly on you. Luca, Italia

  82. Brent Mitchell says:

    Our condolences to the friends and family. Though I did not know Ghanimat personally, we grieve for all those lost at this exceptionally dark time.

  83. Albert Chan says:

    Aun recuerdo cuando fui por Ghanimat al aeropuerto de Cancún en diciembre de 2016. Ella en inglés y yo en español parecía que nunca cruzaríamos palabras: después de visitar Punta Allen junto con Grazia, dos semanas en Cancún durante la COP13 y luego casi una semana en Felipe Carrillo Puerto platicamos (aun no se cómo) mucho. Aun guardo la cajita que nos regalo a la familia, así como su alegría y pasión por la defensa de los territorios de vida a través del mapeo y otras herramientas.

  84. Ziad Samaha says:

    A genuine soul, almost four years ago we met in Tabriz before climbing to the summering grounds of Mt Sabalon, for the CENESTA ICCA transhumance workshop. Still in shock can’t imagine you are gone!
    You are such a wonderful, smart, fun and inspiring person.
    Forever young you will be!

  85. Tiphaine says:

    We are absolutely shocked and heart broken to hear Ghanimat has left us. She was such a vivacious and high-spirited young soul with so much ahead in front of her. Ghanimat, we love you and you will always be remembered. Our deepest condolences to friends & families, Cenesta and the ICCA Consortium.

    Tiphaine and Ehsan

  86. Natasha Bye says:

    We were honoured to host Ghanimat in our home for the 2019 fall semester while she attended University of Guelph. Ghanimat was so very gracious, warm and generous. We loved having her, and learning about all of her important work. This loss has shocked and saddened us deeply. Sorrow for her family and fiance is deeply felt.
    Natasha, Calli and Brad

  87. Elizabeth Kemf says:

    Ghanimat’s tragic death leaves a void in the world’s scientific and indigenous communities that cannot be filled now, if ever. My condolences go out to her family, friends and colleagues. She was a young leader and her legacy inspires all and future generations, especially the nomadic tribes of Iran.

  88. Natalia says:

    I was blessed and honoured to know Ghanimat. She was wonderful, young, smiling and amazing.

    Rest in Peace. Our prayers and sympathy are with your family.

  89. David Lajeunesse says:

    This young woman had a bright and important future. My condolences to you, her family and friends. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  90. Ken Wakeman says:

    Having read this tribute I can begin to understand how devastating her loss must be for her family, friends and colleagues. Such a beautiful person, so compassionate.
    Ken Wakeman

  91. Hello,
    Words cannot express our sadness at the loss of our graduate student, Ghanimat Azhdari. She was a well-liked student who brought sunshine into our department.
    Ghanimat’s fellow students were hoping to send a sympathy card to her family and fiancee. Would it be possible for someone to send us the 2 mailing addresses?
    Respectfully yours,
    Nance Grieve
    Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics
    University of Guelph
    50 Stone Road, East
    Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1
    Phone 519 824 4120 x 56721
    Fax 519 837 2940

  92. Archi Rastogi says:

    Gone too soon, far too soon Ghanimat. We are devastated.

  93. Philip Quarshie says:

    She’s my course mate at University of Guelph. We usually sit side by side. She’s full of energy and her contributions to discourse in class is always on point and amazing. I remember telling her to stay alive when she told me before Xmas break she’s going back home. I’m deeply heartbroken by this news!

  94. Leila vaziri says:

    My dear beautiful friend. We worked together in Cenesta and we were going to work together as PhD students. I cannot believe that you are gone. I cannot believe that we will not laugh together again.


  95. Janis Alcorn says:

    Ghanimat is unforgettable. Such a warm, loving, funny, smart, vibrant soul who navigates across cultural differences to bring people and thinking forward. She would not be ignored. What a sad loss to this world and to her family. She was so fully engaged in life that it seems impossible to think of her in the past tense. She lives on in the memories of everyone she touched and all that she loved.

  96. Minnie Degawan says:

    Such sad news, she was a passionate and feisty warrior for the environment. While I only met her once, and we even argued, I was very impressed with her dedication. A greta loss, not just for the ICCA, but for the earth.

  97. Bram Büscher says:

    I didnt know Ghanimat, but recently started following her on Twitter as I was inspired by her ideas. It is absolutely shocking to hear about her tragic and abrupt passing in this plane crash. Thanks for this tribute.

  98. Liz Alden Wily says:

    This is tragic news. Ghanimat was strong, fun, and with a strong sense of ‘right’, also brave. She was a marvellous addition to the world of community land rights. She was far too young to leave us, with such a bright future ahead of her. My deepest sympathy to her heartbroken family and closest friends, Liz Alden Wily, Kenya

First published on 12/12/2020, and last updated on 09/25/2023