There are several ways to join the ICCA Consortium, depending on who you are and what you are willing to do! The Consortium wholeheartedly welcomes new Members and support from non-members.

Become a Member in full standing

Are you an organisation or federation representing one or more Indigenous peoples or local communities? Are you an NGO working with Indigenous peoples and local communities, wishing to achieve greater recognition and support for ICCAs? If so, you may wish to become a Member in full standing. To begin that process, please follow these steps

By definition, Members are not-for-profit organisations. For-profit organisations are not eligible. Importantly, ICCA Consortium’s Member organisations do not need to be formally recognised by state governments.  Member organisations include, but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous and traditional tribes, nations and peoples, and their customary networks, associations and federations;
  • Traditional local communities and their customary networks, associations and federations;
  • Indigenous peoples and local community self-initiated groupings and organisations dedicated to advancing their own collective rights and/or pursuing sustainable livelihoods and the conservation of nature; and
  • Civil society organisations working with Indigenous peoples and local communities at the local, national or international level on issues of rights, sustainable livelihoods and conservation of nature.

The Consortium will actively seek broad membership from Indigenous peoples and local communities that are bona fide caretakers/stewards of their own conserved territories and areas (ICCAs). For eligible organisations other than bona fide caretakers/stewards of their own ICCAs, the basic criterion for membership is that they have demonstrated concern and initiative to uphold and strengthen ICCAs ‘in general’ and have worked to have them appropriately recognized and supported in society.

The Consortium shall also consider positive attributes on the basis of the following benchmarks:

  • Extent of involvement with ICCAs or Indigenous peoples and local communities (length of time, centrality in their mission, dedication, results);
  • Quality of relationship with Indigenous peoples and local communities in the geographic areas in which the organisation works (according to the communities themselves);
  • Social and ecological implications of the organisation’s activities, including both those directly related to ICCAs and those in other areas, in particular activities that have repercussions on national or international policies;
  • Sources of the organisation’s funding (e.g., is there funding from extractive industries or sources otherwise directly in conflict with the objectives or interests of the Consortium?); and
  • Potential benefits or risks that the organisation’s membership may bring vis-à-vis other Members and ICCAs in general (Operational Guidelines).

Before starting the application process, we invite and encourage you to get in touch with the Regional Coordinator of your region. She or he will be happy to hear about your work as well as share more about how the ICCA Consortium has been active in the region, and what opportunities they see for possible collaborations.

1. Review the Membership Policy and Procedures of the Consortium and verify that your organization complies with Members’ requirements. Notice that you do not need to be a formal organization (legally registered and recognized), and that you can also apply as an informal or customary organization.

Write a formal letter to the Chair of the Membership Committee explaining what you do for your ICCA and why you would like to join the Consortium. Please copy the email also to the Administration Coordinator.

that fits the description of an acceptable member (please see above)

Write a formal letter to the Chair of the Membership Committee explaining what you do for your ICCA and why you would like to join the Consortium. Please copy the email also to Administration Coordinator.

Attach to it the Membership Form, which you should kindly complete by answering the questions and adding links and/or supporting documentation wherever possible.

Attach a recommendation letter by another Member or a Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium

3. Upon receipt, your request will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and passed on to the Consortium’s membership at large. The current Members have 30 days to raise any questions or express any doubts they may have. If no issue is raised, your organization will be welcomed as a full Member.

Please find the entire list of Consortium Members here.

Become a Honorary member

The ICCA Consortium Honorary members are individuals with special expertise on ICCAs, who are nominated by a Member of the Consortium, another Honorary member, a Steering Committee, or a member of the Secretariat.

Support as a non-member

Do you want to support the Consortium’s work, without becoming a full Member?

Your participation is welcome! Please follow these steps:

Contact us directly through our contact page, or contact the coordinator in your region. You will receive information on the Consortium’s Members and Honorary members who are working near you. You may have the option of joining a working group on ICCAs, becoming part of another relevant network, or simply getting to know more about the topic!