Youth for territories of life

“Youth for Territories of Life” (hereafter, the Youth Group) was created on 1 January 2020, following the recommendation of the ICCA Consortium XVth General Assembly and the first meeting of the Council thereafter. The new co-chairs launched the Youth Group in their editorial Cultivating seeds of change: Launching the ICCA Consortium’s “Youth for Territories of Life”, which appeared in the April 2020 issue of the Newsflash Learn about the objectives, membership, leadership and more in the Youth Group Guidelines and Procedures.

Join us!

The Youth Group is composed of youth who are 35 years and under who represent or are from territories of life, or who are actively supporting and working toward appropriate recognition and support for territories of life. Members of the group are either youth representatives of the ICCA Consortium’s Members, or Honorary members themselves. Please review the Youth Group Guidelines and Procedures for more information and/or contact the Administration Coordinator to join !

Comcaac Youth, Committed to the Conservation of Their Territory

In northwestern Mexico, the Comcaac Indigenous people have cared for their territory for millennia. Leonel Hoeffer, Honorary member and member of the ICCA Consortium’s Youth Group, tells how the Comcaac youth are involved in and leading activities for the conservation of their territory and culture. Read more ▸

A “Territories of Life Month” in Brazil!

To celebrate the “Month of the Territories of Life” and the commemoration of 10 years of the ICCA Consortium, Mupan, Rellac-Jovem and the ICCA Consortium organized a series of webinars on issues related to ICCAs–territories of life in Brazil. Read more ▸

Without Youth and Children, Nothing is Possible!

Sharing her experiences in three youth-led international events in 2019, Emma Courtine, Honorary Member and Secretariat of the ICCA Consortium, reflects on opportunities and ideas for the Consortium to engage youth and enhance youth participation— including the creation of a youth platform within the Consortium! Read more ▸