ICCAs depend on strong and truthful communication, capable of generating both information and dialogue. One positive example: for several years since 2012, the ICCA Consortium has helped its member APCRM to run a series of radio programmes in local language in Casamance (Senegal). The programme included a live “question and answer” session, to diffuse information and support an open dialogue on ICCAs among fishermen and the public at large. The series has been most successful, promoting better knowledge about what an ICCA is, in general, but also what are the specific rules of KAWAWANA as a local ICCA in the marine and coastal environment, and why those rules are useful. One of the key consequences of the series is the fact that new ICCAs have been nurtured and declared in Casamance – some already formally agreed by the local government, and others still in progress. An example is the ICCA of Mlomp Oussuye, formally approved in 2015.

Please click on the excerpts of a typical radio program below.


First published on 04/26/2016, and last updated on 06/10/2017