Regional Assemblies

Currently, the Consortium is in the process of strengthening its work along regional lines. The different regions represented by the Consortium organize independent Regional Assemblies in order to create stronger bonds among Members and exchange information and strategies as well as build and energize their regional agendas.

Second South East Asia Regional Assembly from 1-4 June

The gathering provides an online venue for sharing and learning from each other about the territories of life in the region. This year’s gathering has the further aim of continuing the ICCA Consortium’s regionalisation process in Southeast Asia. Check the programme!  Read more ▸

The Second Regional Assembly of the ICCA Consortium in Latin America

The second Regional Assembly of the ICCA Consortium in Latin America was held in October 2019, in Peru, before the III Congress of Protected Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAPLAC). It was an occasion for the membership of the region to share experiences, deepen their strategies, and ensure the wide visibility of territories of life at the CAPLAC. Read more ▸