Europe and Russia

Snowchange wins the St. Andrews Prize 2021

Snowchange Cooperative (ICCA Consortium Member) has won the St Andrews Prize for the Environment for its’ Rewilding program. St Andrews is a prestigious global environmental accolade with a cash prize of 100,000 USD. Read more ▸

Exhibition on pastoral territories of life

The exhibition “Territories of life on the edge: Pastoral Commons of the Mediterranean Mountains in the 21st-century” highlights bio-cultural diversity within a shared space, the resilience of communities, the threats they face, and conservation challenges in Euro-Mediterranean pastoral territories of life. Read more ▸

Community-led restoration in the Jukajoki river basin raises hope for boreal territories of life

In Finland, the Selkie village community’s success to restore territories of life in the Jukajoki river basin raises hope for national-scale landscape restoration. Mining and other extractive activities degraded boreal peatlands in the Nordic country. But the villagers and fishers of Selkie successfully used local ecological knowledge and legal actions to stop destructive mining. Read more ▸

The Evolving Crisis in Sinjajevina

Last September, we published an alert about Sinjajevina, Montenegro, where local communities and civil society were organizing to defend their pasturelands, in the face of government plans to occupy and use it as a military artillery testing range. Our Honorary member Pablo Domínguez tells us how the Sinjajevina communities have been confronting the crisis since then.  Read more ▸

Third ICCA Site Registered in Finland: GoldCrest Forest

“GoldCrest” is a small old-growth forest site of great importance to the local Selkie village that is now registered in the global ICCA Registry hosted by UNEP-WCMC. The forest had been under a threat of being clear cut, but thanks to the Landscape Rewilding Programme, it has now been spared. An article by Snowchange.  Read more ▸

Truth and (Re)Conciliation for the Sámi in Finland — or a Way for the State to Wash its Hands?

Preparations have been made in Finland to establish a truth and reconciliation commission regarding the indigenous Sámi people. As the plans go forward, Aslak Holmberg, Vice President of the Saami Council, stipulates that unless this process is prepared to change the political marginalisation of the Sámi, there is little reason for opening old wounds for what could otherwise be an empty apology. Read more ▸