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Albert Maurilio Chan Dzul

Regional Coordinator for Mesoamerica

Based in Mexico. Albert is a Maya from the municipality of Sanahcat in the Mexican Yucatán, and is actively engaged with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Alternative Development, U Yich Lu’um, AC. The Centre is home to a group of dedicated indigenous young people who combine science and traditional knowledge to revalue and rescue the rich cultural and agricultural biodiversity of their Mayan ancestors. Albert is a biologist with a Master’s in Management and Conservation of Tropical Forest and Biodiversity, from CATIE (Costa Rica). He has worked as an advisor for the Consejo Regional Indígena y Popular de X’pujil (CRPIX), a social organization that works in Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico. While there, he led training activities for indigenous communities and worked on the design, management and implementation of projects dealing with community management, ecological restoration, and ecotourism.