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Kim Wright

Advisor for Coastal, Marine and Island Environments

Based in Canada. Kim has spent 20 years working on multi-cultural and multi-stakeholder processes to ensure adequate representation of all rightsholders and stakeholders in the governance of land and coastal environments. As a Sikh/Christian of mixed cultural origins she appreciates shared concerns and interests without feeling the need to smooth differences and resort to compromise. She has studied natural environmental sciences and international human conflict and has been involved as an advisor and facilitator in many land and marine- use planning processes with indigenous rightsholders. Most recently, she worked as a conservation advisor for two First Nations-led marine planning processes on the Pacific Coast of Canada, establishing measures for achieving CBD targets, including a network of marine protected areas based on the marine-use plans of First Nations. As part of this process, and in her role as Director of Marine Planning at the Living Oceans Society (ICCA Consortium Member), she introduced ICCAs as a fundamental component of marine and coastal planning. She works with the Consortium to provide support to indigenous peoples and local communities as they continue to draw their spiritual, cultural and subsistence needs from the seas and oceans that surround them, now and for generations to come. Kim lives with her husband and two children near the ocean in Vancouver, BC.