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Milka Chepkorir

Coordinator, Defending Territories of Life

Based in Kitale, Kenya. Milka is a member of the Sengwer Indigenous Peoples of Cherang’any Hills, Kenya. For the last six years, she has been working for the recognition of her community’s land rights. Currently, Milka coordinates Community Land Action Now (CLAN), a network of Kenyan rural communities striving to register their community lands. In 2020, she was an Environmental Justice Fellow at Natural Justice, Kenya. Her interest in gender inclusion has informed her work with the community leadership and women to incorporate gender issues in the land rights struggle. She draws her motivation from the desire for justice for Indigenous peoples and local communities and from her training in anthropology through her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in gender and development studies (in progress). Milka has represented her community and presented their issues in different UN processes and was an Indigenous Fellow at OHCHR in 2016.