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Rafaela Nicola

Collaborator for Brazil

Based in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil). Rafaela is an ecologist with a Master’s in Ecology and Conservation (UFMS) and a specialization in Leadership for Transition (UNU/ILA). She is passionate about wetlands and livelihoods, and has dedicated the last 15 years to working as a social and environmental activist at the Plate River Basin and other regions of South America. She has worked to coordinate a number of regional initiatives that target the impact of major infrastructure schemes on local ecosystems, economies and societies, with special attention to local and traditional livelihoods. Rafaela’s work relies strongly on stimulating bottom-up approaches, synergies, and collaborations between CSOs (civil society organizations) as well as multi-sectorial dialogues towards policy change. Currently, she works as an independent consultant for Both ENDS and for the Ecosystem Alliance Program. Rafaela is enrolled on the Right Livelihood Programme of Schumacher College, developed in partnership with the Gross National Happiness Center of Bhutan. She is a founding member of the “Pantanal Network of NGOs and Social Movements” and the “Paraguay Parana Wetland System Alliance”. She is also a member of the World Wetland Network (WWN); Women in Action for the Pantanal (MUPAN); and Forum Suape – Social and Environmental Space, in Pernambuco, Brazil.