The 2024-2028 Strategic Plan was developed throughout 2023 and approved as a ‘working version’ by the Council in October 2023. It is expected to be tabled for formal approval by the General Assembly in mid-2024.
In 2016 -2017 a new Strategy has been developed in participatory way and formally adopted by the Steering Committee in May 2017. This is downloadable here.  
Please explore the Annual reports to understand how the work of the Consortium has actually unfolded through the years. The Annual reports have been made available since 2011.
Other valuable sources of information on the work of the ICCA Consortium are the reports from our General Assemblies, available since 2010, the reports from other policy-related events we organised since 2007, and our extensive Resources, Policy Briefs and Newsletters.


First published on 05/23/2016, and last updated on 04/04/2024