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Newsletter issue #12, September 2016

First published on 09/15/2016, and last updated on 04/14/2017

Newsletter 12

This 12th edition of the ICCA Consortium Newsletter contains a rich mix of reports and new documents. You will find powerful stories about indigenous peoples in Tasmania, the ground-up establishment of Baram Peace Park in Malaysia, the approval of the national ICCA peer-review process at the General Assembly of Iniciativa Comunales in Spain, experience-sharing in Canada and information about the IUCN World Conservation Congress just completed in Hawaii… The ICCA Consortium reports about knowledge exchange and mutual learning in Mesoamerica, the first national ICCA meeting in Myanmar, the launch of the ICCA Support Initiative in Colombia, a critical analysis of oil palm expansion worldwide, the just launched Policy Brief on ICCAs in Mesoamerica (the first in Spanish)… and so much more. We hope the Newsletter will offer you plenty of inspiring ideas! You can download it here!