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ICCA Consortium Policy Brief no 4 – Companion document

First published on 11/20/2016, and last updated on 06/27/2017

Stevens, S., N. Pathak Broome and T. Jaeger with J. Aylwin, G. Azhdari, D. Bibaka, G. Borrini-­‐Feyerabend, M. Colchester, N. Dudley, C. Eghenter, F. Eleazar, M. T. Farvar, F. Frascaroli, H. Govan, S. Hugu, H. Jonas, A. Kothari, G. Reyes, A. Singh, and L. Vaziri. 2016. Recognising and Respecting ICCAs Overlapped by Protected Areas. Report for the ICCA Consortium.

This report explores multiple scenarios and dimensions of the interface between indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ conserved territories and areas (hereafter ICCAs), and the governance and management of overlapping protected areas. We focus particularly on ICCAs as this umbrella term encompasses diverse institutions and practices that have conservation outcomes, giving appropriate recognition and respect for territories and areas of particular relevance in protected area situations (seed Chapter 2 for discussion of ICCAs).