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Gender Policy

First published on 10/08/2018, and last updated on 03/11/2021

The Consortium policy on gender is available here English, Spanish and French.

The ICCA Consortium has been working on its policy on gender since 2017. The policy was finally approved during the 2018 General Assembly.

The modalities of the acceptation of the policy and discussions around it, which took place during the General Assembly, can be found in the General Assembly Minutes, pages 26 to 30.

A Consortium Committee on gender exists at the moment, chaired by the Council Member With Special Responsibilities On ICCAs and Gender Issues.

The Committee gathers gender-related information on ICCA issues with the aim of sharing them and learning from them towards positive action. The Committee is active on the negotiations of the Convention on Biological Diversity on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. It also acts as promoter and guardian of the gender equality and gender security within the Consortium Organisation as such and in its programme. Any Member and Honorary member is welcome to join the Committee.

Below are some gender equality stories gathered from the Members of the Consortim: