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Exchange of Experiences and Strengthening Capacities of Indigenous Women Leaders of Bolivia

First published on 12/21/2018, and last updated on 02/26/2019

In December 2018, in the town of Santiago de Chiquitos in the Bolivian Chiquitania, the first Workshop of Exchange of Experiences and Strengthening of Capacities of Indigenous Women Leaders of Bolivia was held, organized by the TICCA Consortium Bolivia .

This gathering began the work of training and empowering indigenous women: to recognize their integral roles in development, and to promote their well-being and happiness as human beings within a framework of the sustainable management of their territories.

Guadalupe García Álvarez, a young professional who is a Masahua Indigenous of Mexico, conducted this practical and experiential workshop, which contributed to the understanding and recognition of human rights of the different women of all ages who shared experiences that encouraged the full exercise of their abilities within their communities, as well as through the formation of community leaderships to promote and disseminate effective and timely information to other women, especially in the area of Human Rights.

This process of strengthening Women Leaders in Human Rights and community work will continue during 2019.