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Newsflash #16 – March 2019

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

ICCA ALERT - On March 31st, the King and Queen of Norway are visiting Navarino Island, in the South of Chile, where intensive salmon farms are being installed by Norwegian firms in the indigenous Yaghan territory - without the consent of the indigenous Yaghan and local community. Read more ▸
The recent decision by the India Supreme Court has enormous potential ramifications for conservation, livelihoods, and rights in India’s protected areas and other forest lands, as explained in this blog by Stan Stevens and Neema Pathak, some of the initiators of the ICCA Consortium.  Read more ▸
500 people participated in the first national forum of the Union of Indigenous Nomadic Tribes of Iran (UNINOMAD – an ICCA Consortium Member) in the Bakhtiari Tribal Confederacy’s Territory, Iran, reinforcing unity and solidarity among the nomadic tribes of Iran  Read more ▸
WWF Myanmar takes us through a visual journey among the ICCAs in the country. Kayin people, some Chin, Kachin, Naga and other Dawei people travelled from all over the region and country for an important workshop that marked the beginning of a new era in community-based conservation for Myanmar.  Read more ▸
Snowchange, an ICCA Consortium Member in the Circumpolar North, supported the release of the online Evenki Cultural Atlas. Reindeer herding is more than a way of life for the Evenki of Siberia, it is the root of their culture... Read more ▸
The Coalition Against Land Grabbing (CALG, Philippines) and the Coordinadora de Comunidades Mapuche-Williche “Willi Lafken Weychan” (Chile), ICCA Consortium Members and partners, were grant a "Keepers of the Earth Fund" small grant award by Cultural Survival. They are among thirty small grantees in 19 countries. Read more ▸
During a workshop organised by the IUCN and the Working Group on ICCA Indonesia (WGII–ICCA Consortium Member), it became obvious that the quality and vitality of the governance of the Kayan Mentarang National Park must be improved. Read more ▸
Emma Lee, ICCA Consortium Honorary Member, is the first Indigenous person to win the prestigious Foundation Graduate Award, from the University of Tasmania.  She is a key architect, together with other Aboriginal Tasmanian leaders, of a 2016 whole-of-government strategy to improve conditions in the relationships between Indigenous and other Tasmanians.   Read more ▸


On World Water Day 2019, the YLNM Network, The Gaia Foundation (ICCA Consortium Member) and France Libertés launched a new, online Water is Life Toolkit to support frontline communities protecting water from unwanted mining. Read more ▸
In this study, spatial distribution models of indigenous agroecosystems in Hawai‘i were developed to identify their potential past distribution, productive and carrying capacities, and future potential under current land-use and mild-to-severe future climate scenarios. The research highlights the food-producing potential of indigenous agriculture even under land-use and climate changes, and the value of their restoration into the future. Read more ▸
This article, co-authored by Ted Karfakis, from Terra Sylvestris, a Member of the ICCA Consortium, explores reasons for the environmentally degraded state of the Inner Ionian Marine Protected Area and suggests actions to restore its biodiversity, while providing for the wellbeing of the local communities who advocate for community-based conservation as a philosophical basis. Read more ▸

News from Our Partners, Allies and Related Initiatives

From May 9 to 12, “Slow Fish- The Sea: a Common Good” will take place, in Genoa, Italy. Read about the reasons for this theme which reflects the discussions that took place recently among the European Members of the ICCA Consortium. Read more ▸

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