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The Yaghan Community of Navarino Island, Chile, calls for Support

First published on 03/28/2019, and last updated on 03/31/2019

By Dr Thora Herrmann, Associate Professor in Montreal University, ICCA Consortium Honorary Member,
and Elke Schüttler

On March, 31st, the King and Queen of Norway are visiting Navarino Island, in the South of Chile, where intensive salmon farms are being installed by Norwegian firms in the indigenous Yaghan territory – without the consent of the indigenous Yaghan and local community.

These intensive salmon farms are installed in one of the most pristine places remaining in the world, in the Beagle Channel of Navarino Island which is declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Since January 2019, a large mobilization of the Yaghan Nation, together with local residents of Puerto Williams, and allies such as non-governmental organisations (Greenpeace) and scientists are protesting against this new colonization of Yaghan territory. Intensive salmon farming will have an irreparably negative impact on the culture and the environment of the Yaghan territory.

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