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Newsflash #18 – May 2019


Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares and Aibek Samakov, Honorary members of the ICCA Consortium, participated in the elaboration of the Global Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, organised by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).  Read more ▸

Our film

On the International Day for Biological Diversity, the ICCA Consortium released a short film which takes viewers on a journey through territories of life across the world. To be watched, shared and built upon! Read more ▸

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

Imperdible pieza de comunicación para todos los publicos, hecha por el CEMI, Miembro del Consorcio, sobre la implementación de la Iniciativa Mundial de Apoyo a los TICCA en Colombia. Read more ▸
Congratulations to Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy who won the very prestigious 2019 Whitley Award. She is the National Coordinator for the MIHARI Network, a member of the ICCA Consortium from Madagascar. Read more ▸
The Phasepardhi youth, together with the non-profit organization Samvedana, started a project which aims for the conservation of the lesser florican, the regeneration of degraded grasslands, and the strengthening livelihoods and dignity for the Phasepardhis. Read more ▸
Con el auspicio del PPD GEF Colombia y el acompañamiento técnico del CEMI, Miembro del Consorcio TICCA, se realizó la primera reunión de la Red TICCA Colombia los días 24 y 25 de abril de 2019, en Bogotá, Colombia. Read more ▸
L'Initiative Mondiale de Soutien aux APAC a culminé, en Guinée, par la création d'un Consortium APAC - Guinée, dont s'est déroulée la première Assemblée Générale. Read more ▸
The Wah'nah'juss Hilth'hooiss (Meares Island) Tribal Park declaration just celebrated its 35 year anniversary, including the Tla o qui aht Tribal Parks, which is a Member of the ICCA Consortium. Read more ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium news, events and initiatives

On June 10th, 2019, the 14th Extraordinary General Assembly of the ICCA Consortium will take place in Manila, Philippines. Check out the Agenda, Statutes and Operational Guidelines, suggested revisions and the nominated Council members. Read more ▸
Between January and May 2019, the ICCA Consortium participated in several official Convention on Biological Diversity regional and global consultations to develop the next global biodiversity framework. Read more ▸
The ICCA Consortium participated in a series of back-to-back events in Montréal, Canada, including our first regional assembly in North America and two major regional gatherings co-organised with CICADA, the CBD Secretariat, UNESCO and others. Read more ▸


The ICCA Consortium partner LifeMosaic launches its new toolkit of resources on Indigenous Education. It is for indigenous educators, indigenous school initiators, or for anyone that is interested in education that helps sustain diverse expressions of humanity. Read more ▸
Dilys Roe, ICCA Consortium Honorary Member, explains why development organisations can no longer remain absent from debates on how to tackle dangerous declines in biodiversity. Read more ▸

News from Our Partners, Allies and Related Initiatives

This issue of Forest Cover, by the Global Forest Coalition, Member of the ICCA Consortium, focuses on large scale cattle farming and its consequences for forests, agroecology and biodiversity. Read more ▸
The Maliasili Initiative, Member of the ICCA Consortium in Africa, released its latest newsletter which is rich in ICCA-relevant information. It is accessible here below.  Read more ▸

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