The ICCA Consortium and Indigenous Peoples’ territories of life

The Consortium as a collective and its members in their capacities have been among the critical actors in facilitating the changed understanding: support and recognition to the Indigenous Peoples and local communities, their worldviews, bio-cultural governance, and knowledge systems can help us arrive at transformative pathways to address the deepening global ecological and climate crises.  Read more ▸

Welcoming new Members and Honorary members to the Consortium

The ICCA Consortium Membership Committee is pleased to announce our newest Members and Honorary members! The following organisations and individuals have joined the membership through the review/intake round in early 2023. In light of our ongoing process of organisational reflection, revisioning and strategic planning, the 2023 General Assembly decided to have only one membership intake round this year (instead of two) and to temporarily pause consideration of new Member applications and Honorary member nominations until early next year. Read more ▸