Awareness and respect of local ecological and socio-cultural history are crucial to provide appropriate recognition and support to ICCAs, including when attempting to improve relevant policies and legislation. The ICCA Consortium has been gathering and developing a number of reviews to shed light on the historical and cultural roots of ICCAs. At times the analyses explore ancient history, and at times precious insights are found by just going back a few decades…

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Risks to the sanctity of community lands in Kenya. A critical assessment of new legislation with reference to forestlands

This paper focuses upon loopholes in new laws that could exclude forested lands from collective entitlement, impairing constitutional advances in the process. Ambiguity within the Kenyan Constitution itself plays a role. Therefore, while lesser impediments to land justice may be remedied through clarifying regulations and parliamentary removal of offending clauses, judicial interpretation of constitutional intentions is required.  Read more ▸

First published on 03/06/2017, and last updated on 06/10/2017