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Workshop on: ‘Governance of Taiwan’s Protected Areas: Recognising Co-Management and Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas’, Taiwan (Province of China), 23-25 August 2011

By: Neema Pathak-Broome (

This workshop was organised by by the Taiwan Forest Bureau, Tamkang University, National Taiwan University, Taipei Municipal University of Education, IUCN WCPA/CEESP TILCEPA, and ICCA Consortium. Participants included government officials, NGOs, and some indigenous people representatives. Ashish Kothari and Neema Pathak from the Consortium member Kalpavriksh helped to conceive of and run the workshop as resource persons.

They also visited Lanyu Island, where the Tao People are discussing its possible status as a ICCA to deal with the multiple threats they face, and to highlight their role in conserving its biodiversity. Membership of the Tao Foundation to the Consortium was also discussed.