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The Bambuti-Babouloko preserve their landscape in DRC

By: Christian Chatelain French-Speaking Africa Coordinator, and
Joseph Itongwa Coordinator for forest ecosystems in Central Africa

The Bambuti-Babouloko, indigenous pygmies of Democratic Republic of Congo are seeking a legal recognition of their forest land as conservation areas. By declaring their forests as “KISSI MBOSSA” (fertile areas), they demonstrate their usefulness for the livelihood of the communities and the role of their pygmy culture in conservation. KISSI MBOSSA possesses all characteristics of the areas and territories conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCAs), which are now internationally recognized as a very useful type of natural resources governance to safeguard nature on our the planet. This film was made to support the indigenous peoples and local communities of DRC in their advocacy for the official recognition of ICCAs in the national legislation. It is part of a series of three films from three different provinces of the DRC.