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Regional ICCA Knowledge Sharing & Capacity-building Event in Southeast Asia

Lombok (Indonesia), August 17-22, 2015

Together with UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme Indonesia and the Working Group on ICCAs in Indonesia (WGII), the ICCA Consortium, organized a regional knowledge sharing and capacity-building event on ICCAs in Lombok.

On the occasion, representatives of indigenous peoples and local communities who govern and manage their ICCAs, relevant government agencies, supporting civil society organizations and national GEF SGP coordinators converged from the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Province of China; Timor Leste, and the host country. They presented the situation of ICCAs in their countries and worked through their action plans to initiate or enhance the ICCA movement. Through a series of discussions and workshops, the participants shared their experiences, key issues, opportunities, and problems in the recognition of ICCAs in their countries.

A meeting like this is very helpful for various rights holders and stakeholders in each country to learn from each other. We worked together for five days and everyone learned a great deal.” said Taghi Farvar, President of the ICCA Consortium. Read More in our latest newsletter – page 26!


CCAs are territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities, places where communities have a close association with their territory, combined with their own governance and conservation system. ICCAs are a source of identity, culture, everyday needs and livelihood… the very life force of these peoples.Working Group for ICCAs in Indonesia, 2014

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