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SBSTTA-20 and SBI-1

CBD: 20th Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-20) and 1st Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI-1)

Theme: ICCAs and Conservation of Nature Law and Policy
Meeting dates: 25-30 April (SBSTTA-20) and 2-6 May (SBI-1) 2016
Location: Montreal, Canada

Consortium activities:
Key Policy Outcomes:
  • SBSTTA-20 adopted 15 recommendations, including on progress towards achievement of the Aichi Targets, marine and coastal biodiversity, biodiversity and climate change, and bushmeat and sustainable wildlife management
  • SBI-1 adopted 13 recommendations, including on strategies to enhance implementation of the Convention and Strategic Plan, mainstreaming biodiversity within and across major sectors (e.g. agriculture, forests, fisheries and aquaculture), resource mobilization, and national reporting
More Information:
Contribution to overall strategy: Under the draft strategy on “ICCAs & Conservation of Nature Law and Policy”, the above activities contributed to the objectives of: (1) securing collective rights and responsibilities of indigenous peoples and local communities for voluntary and self-directed conservation efforts, sustainable use and livelihoods; and (2) recognising and enforcing indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights in all conservation activities (including within and outside of and overlapping with protected areas)
Direct financial implications for the Consortium: None – self-funded by Consortium members and volunteer contributions by Honorary member