ICCA database

Prior to the establishment of the Global ICCA Registry, the Consortium had developed a worldwide database on ICCAs, documenting quantitative and qualitative information for specific sites that had been documented and discussed in grassroots discussions and/or regional reviews. Such site-specific data is available below for a number of countries.


Paruku Indigenous Protected Area, Australia


Community Baboon Sanctuary, Belize Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park State Creek Preserve, Belize


Pilon Lajas, Bolivia (in English)

South-West China

Hamugu Community Conserved Area, South-West China Cuochi Village, South-West China Duopu and Angzha Sacred Mountains, South-West China Dongba Sacred Land, South-West China


Umu-Kaja Yepa, Colombia (in Spanish) Reserva Natural Campesina Serranía del Pinche, Colombia (in Spanish) Red de Consejos Comunitarios del Pacífico Sur (RECOMPAS), Colombia (in…  Read more “Colombia”


Jardhargaon, Uttarakhand, India


Inverted Tulips Plain, Summering grounds of HamulehTribe of Bakhtiari Confederation, Iran Traditional fishing (Damgostar) in southern coasts of the Caspian Sea, Iran Damgahs of…  Read more “Iran”


Dzombo Kaya, Kenya Jibana-Pangani Kaya, Kenya Kalama Conservancy, Kenya Lekurruki Conservancy, Kenya Loima Forest, Kenya Loita Forest, Kenya Melako Conservancy, Kenya N’gwesi Conservancy, Kenya…  Read more “Kenya”


CCAs in Southern Mexico


Fokontany Etrobeke Commune Ampanihy, Madagascar – (in French)


Chiuri Conserved Chepang Hill Tracts, Nepal


Igmale’ng’en sacred forests of Portulin , Mindanao, Philippines Tanabag Kabatakan, Palawan, Philippines

Solomon Islands

Tarevalata ‘Kastom’ Conserved Area, Chivoko, Lauru Island, Solomon Islands


Angai Forest, Tanzania Chambogo Forest, Tanzania Duru-Haitemba Forest, Tanzania Emboreet, Tanzania Kleins Camp, Tanzania Mgori Forest, Tanzania Mmeta Sacred Grove, Tanzania Selela Forest, Tanzania…  Read more “Tanzania”

United Kingdom

Frieze Hill Community Orchard, United Kingdom New Ash Green Community Orchard, United Kingdom