A New Resource for African Environmental Defenders

On International Human Rights Day, Natural Justice and the International Land Coalition present African Environmental Defenders, a resource for African Land and Environmental Defenders affiliated with the ILC. This resource will, currently, provide support in emergency situations. Read more ▸

Earth Vikalp Sangam: Proposal for a Global Tapestry of Alternatives

“Globally there is a visible counter-trend to the destructive process of ‘development’ that the forces of capitalism, statism and patriarchy have imposed”. In this article, Ashish Kothari, ICCA Consortium Member of the Council of Elders, introduces a new global initiative, attempting to weave together the various movements for alternatives to mainstream development. Read more ▸

ICCA Consortium Policy Brief no 7 – Meanings and More…

In 2018 the Council of the ICCA Consortium decided to develop a lexicon of meaningful concepts and terms frequently used in its work, policies and relations with its Members and Partners. Many felt that such a reference compendium would be particularly useful as the Consortium has highlighted and adopted new ways of referring to phenomena that, historically, had not been conceptually analysed. First among them are the very ICCAs—territories of life at the heart of the Consortium’s work…. Read more ▸

A Major Victory for Land Rights Defenders

In 2013, the World Bank launched the Enabling the Business of Agriculture project, with the aim of guiding pro-business reforms in the agriculture sector by scoring countries on the “ease of doing business.” After five years of campaigning and advocacy by the Our Land Our Business campaign, the Bank dropped a land indicator that aimed at privatizing the commons in the Global South. Our Honorary Member Anuradha Mittal explains the process leading to this major victory and the future perspectives of the campaign. Read more ▸

Pan-African Alliance Seeks to Protect Territories of Life With a Revolutionary Tool

Among many existing tools for documenting ICCAs, the tools proposed by InsightShare proves to be powerful ways for communities to create participatory media that reflects their unique concerns and amplifies their unique voices. They were presented during the Video4Change gathering, hosted by InsightShare last October, which was attended by 40 indigenous activists and video practitioners, among which Ivan Vaalbooi and Lesle Jansen from Natural Justice (ICCA Consortium Member).  Read more ▸

Territorios de Vida, en el CAPLAC, Actores Clave en la Gobernanza de Áreas Protegidas y en la Conservación

En octubre, Lima acogió la Asamblea Regional de la Red TICCA Latinoamericana, y el III Congreso de Áreas Protegidas de Latinoamérica y Caribe (CAPLAC). El próximo mes, contaremos con un informe detallado y un artículo más extenso sobre los dos eventos. Por ahora, les compartimos el artículo de ALDEA, Miembro del Consorcio, que resume los aspectos esenciales. Read more ▸