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Towards the future Global Biodiversity Framework

In the final stretch of UN negotiations of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, the time is now to recognize Indigenous Peoples and local communities as central to sustaining the diversity of life on Earth.


The Issues

What are we advocating for in the post-2020 framework?

Voices from custodians of territories of life on the future Global Biodiversity Framework

Perspectives and experiences of Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and their organizations and allies in the global movement for territories of life

The Journey to COP15

Learn more about our engagement in the official post-2020 process.

The Evidence Base

Territories of Life: 2021 Report is a local-to-global analysis of territories and areas conserved by Indigenous Peoples and local communities (sometimes abbreviated as “ICCAs” or more simply as “territories of life”).

The multi-scale approach of the report weaves diverse perspectives, insights, and new findings about the grassroots global phenomenon of territories of life while also creating space for nuance and complexity. Overall, the report adds to a growing body of literature on the incontrovertible role of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in ensuring a healthy planet for all and the urgent actions required to support them. 

Media and Press

For media contacts with ICCA Consortium Members, Council members, and Regional Coordinators in various countries and languages, please get in touch with Mohammad Arju (Communications Coordinator) and our international policy team below.

MR. MOHAMMAD ARJU, Communications Coordinator, arju.m@iccaconsortium.org

Policy Team

Dr. Ameyali Ramos

International Policy Coordinator

Languages: Spanish and English

Ms. Carolina Rodríguez

International policy, Latin America focal point

Languages: Spanish and English

Mr. Aquilas Koko Ngomo

International policy, Africa focal point

Languages: French, Swahili, and English

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