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Mihanta Tsiorisoa Bakoliarimisa

Chair of the Policy and Programme Committee

Based in Madagascar.  After accounting and finance studies, Mihanta integrated GEF SGP Madagascar for an internship in 2012, sincerely motivated by her contacts with the Fokonolona (traditional rural communities of Madagascar).  In 2016, she became technical secretary of TAFO MIHAAVO, the Malagasy national network of Fokonolona that directly govern and manage natural resources. With time, her motivation became more and more grounded on the complexity of the challenges faced by TAFO MIHAAVO and its 530 member organizations, whom she has helped developing partnerships and managing diverse initiatives. Mihanta – a Honorary member of ICCA Consortium—is convinced that local communities’ contribution to biodiversity conservation needs to be much better acknowledged. For that, she is active advocating for the Fokonolona and their territories of life in Madagascar.  Mihanta is known for her engagement and sense of responsibility, which encouraged colleagues to nominate her as the youngest person ever for a position in the ExCo of the ICCA Consortium.