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Chris Jarrett

Collaborator as English language editor and translator from Spanish to English

Based in the USA. Chris Jarrett is a cultural anthropologist with a PhD from the University of Texas at San Antonio. For the last decade, he has conducted ethnographic research in Ecuador, primarily in Napo Province, focused on Indigenous peoples’ livelihoods and wellbeing and alternatives to conventional development strategies. He wrote his dissertation on the guayusa industry in Ecuador, which analyzed the potential of native plant commercialization to enhance indigenous livelihoods and promote conservation through agroforestry, while also considering the challenges and complexities of such approaches. In his current position as Environmental Social Scientist at the Field Museum in Chicago (staff profile), he works on a variety of projects in the northern Amazon, primarily Peru and Colombia, focused on conservation for wellbeing. He believes that local people are key to effective and just conservation and is committed to supporting Indigenous and local peoples’ efforts to steward their lands and territories.