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Diana San Jose

Internal Team Support Co-coordinator

Based in the Philippines. Diana has over a decade of experience working in the development sector in the fields of environment and conservation, governance, migration and labor at the grassroots, national and regional level, mostly in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. She has extensive experience collaborating with Indigenous peoples, local communities, migrant workers and stakeholders from the civil society, government and private sector in multi-stakeholder partnerships and advocacy. Diana has worked for various organizations and networks in implementing and managing programs. She draws from her background in anthropology, community development and strategy management to work towards positive social change and impact.

She has been involved in ICCA work as early as 2008 during her time as a program officer in AnthroWatch where she assisted in work on documentation of territories of life through mapping, research, and policy engagement. From 2019, Diana joined NTFP-EP Asia as a program officer handling the thematic programmes on community-based conservation and indigenous food and health where she became part of the regional secretariat team providing programmatic and administrative support to the regionalization process of the Southeast Asia ICCA Consortium. In 2024, she will join the Global Secretariat for the Internal Team Support role.