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Dr. Marco Bassi

Regional representative for Europe

Based in Italy, Marco is professor of Anthropology at the University of Palermo (Italy). Since his doctoral research, his key professional interests have revolved around the anthropology of the Borana-Oromo people of Southern Ethiopia, focusing on traditional knowledge and institutions, and on political history at the interface with State institutions. His teaching and research in various universities such as Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Bologna and Trento (Italy), Johns Hopkins (USA, Bologna Center) and the University of Oxford covered anthropological methods, cultural issues in political practice and international development and the environment.  Marco has collaborated with the IUCN CEESP Commission and the ICCA Consortium for over two decades, focusing on pastoralism and governance of the rural commons. He has been active for ICCAs in Ethiopia and has already served one term as Regional representative for Europe in the ICCA Consortium Council. He has authored reports on ICCAs in the Horn of Africa, the first comprehensive study of ICCAs in Italy, scientific articles on territories of life in Italy and Europe and several news on the ICCA Consortium website.