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Dr. Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa

Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa

Vice President (Executive Committee)

Dr. Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa is a natural resource governance specialist, with twenty-two years of experience in protected area management, community conservation and rural development. Patricia was initially nominated as an Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium in mid-2016. She was later nominated to serve as the Council Member with special responsibility for Eastern and Southern Africa at the General Assembly held in Felipe Puerto Carrillo, Mexico in December 2016. She has served in this position since. Patricia also served as a member of the ICCA Consortium Council Executive Committee in the position of Chair of Policy and Programme from Feb 2018 – Dec 2019. During this time, she was instrumental in the development of the policy on ICCAs as “No Go” zones for destructive industries and safe havens for environmental and human rights defenders. Patricia is currently employed as the Strategy Director for Africa Indigenous Landscapes for The Nature Conservancy Africa program. This is a regional program in east and southern Africa that supports communities to gain stronger land and resource rights, builds their leadership capacity to manage landscapes and creates economic nature-based opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. This work is implemented through strong local partnerships (some of whom are Members of the ICCA Consortium). Patricia obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Florida, School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2012. Her research examined factors that lead to improved local democratic governance in community conservation programs in Botswana and Zambia.