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Eunice Chepkemoi

Regional representative for East Africa

Based in Kenya. Eunice Chepkemoi is a member of the Ogiek community, a hunter-gatherer community inhabiting parts of the Mau Forest Complex in Kenya and works with Ogiek Peoples Development Program (OPDP), a Member of the ICCA Consortium. She has been advocating for the rights of the Ogiek People with a gender approach due to the challenges they have been facing as a result of land injustices. Empowering them has been at the centre of her work by ensuring they understand their rights and can engage effectively in decision-making processes. She has represented the voices of women and the Ogiek People at the national, regional and international level. her work has witnessed how women are getting involved in championing community rights, being included in community leadership, and demanding recognition of their territorial rights. Eunice holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development.